Being “fat” does not mean you are lazy. When I was 420 pounds I worked 14 hours a day six days a week…sometimes seven. I did things around the house and I still did shopping for food as well.

Being “fat” does not mean you are ugly. If it did, then this world would be overrun by people who were ugly. Most people feel “fat” at one time or another.

Being “fat” does not mean you are stupid. When I was 420 pounds I made a lot of money as a chef and I helped many other stores save money with cost cutting tactics for food.

Being “fat” does not mean you do not know how to lose weight. Most people have been successful at dieting. I have so many times. I failed as well.

Being “fat” does not mean you have to be that way forever. Some people think it is a personal hell they cannot get out of. I disagree.

“Fat” is a very strange word. It is one that can insult a 400 pound man or a 110 pound girl. It is a word that is used to make someone feel less about them. Some people use it when they look in the mirror. Some people use it to make their spouse feel like less of a person; some people think the word will help someone lose weight.

For me…being “fat” was when I consumed more calories than I burned and I got to a weight that I thought I would die from. It is a feeling I had. It is a word I felt about myself.

I never looked at others as fat because I felt that I was the only one. I do not worry about others. You cannot save the world if you cannot save yourself.

“Fat” is a feeling to me. You feel “fat”. You look “fat”. It is silly to call someone that because it is extremely subjective.

Once I started to lose weight, I was not “fat” anymore.

Once I worked out I was not “fat” anymore.

Once I weighed less than 420.2 pounds, I was not fat. Not in my mind.

I do not care what society thinks about my weight. I have been called “fat” most of my life.

And most of the time I was the one who said it about myself.

Never again.

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