There are so many weight loss stories out there. Mine is what they would consider an “Extreme Weight Loss” story.

Someone told me that anyone who loses more than 100 pounds is considered an extreme weight loss story. First off, I am really not sure about the source who told me this. But in a way, it kind of makes sense. Plus it sounds very thrilling. You know, extreme sports….extreme workout….extreme weight loss. Okay, not really.

AOL/Huffington Post loves extreme weight loss stories! They love to post them on their front page with some crazy comment. Here is mine. As you can see, after a long interview, they wanted to put how I ate 10,000 calories a day. That was the title. A man ate 10,000 calories.

Sean Anderson still has the best one. Not one salad!!!!

We are usually the third or fourth before/after in most infomercials. You know, Susan lost 40 pounds……Billy lost 65 pounds…..TONY LOST221 POUNDS!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

We make you cry when you watch us on television. Jillian and Bob yell at us, Chris transforms us, and Richard Simmons cries next to us. We are the weak people who cannot control food but someone comes in our lives and saves us. We look in the mirror and are shocked at what we see. We are thankful that people saved us. We are thankful for the opportunity. We say “if I can do it anyone can” because we like to downplay our weight loss. We are humble people.

We are awkward in interviews. We stumble and just are happy the lights are on us for 15 minutes. We do not know how to answer the questions that people want to hear.

We never give the answer that we want to give. When people ask “How did you lose all of that weight?” we usually say “I worked out and I ate less.” We never say “I stopped being so f*cking selfish and I struggled every day not to eat 20 cupcakes!” Well, at least that is what I would have said.

We never talk about how hard it was to get there.

When I lost 221 pounds my wife asked me what I wanted to do with my life. It was a very fair question. I have been in restaurants for a long time. I am a food addict as well. It really does have that “Fat kid in the candy store” mentality. Yet, I stayed in restaurants. Still there to this day. I wonder if there is more to my life.

I like so many others who have had a livelong battle with obesity, want to help others. I wanted to be a Weight Watchers leader. I did not care if I made much less than I did as a chef. Yet, I needed to weigh 165 pounds to be considered. Just so you know, I have no desire to ever be 165 pounds. It was also the only job I was not considered for because of my weight.

That was over four years ago.

In a way though it came out to be a good thing. I found my voice in weight loss which can be a little “corporate controversial”. I find it a little condescending that now they promote “Lose Like A Man” when I was the only man there losing weight. In 52 weeks of going to meetings, sitting in the back and being the heaviest person there, I saw two men ever. And both were dragged by their girlfriends/wives.

But that is not the point of this. I think you can help people by helping yourself. I think giving motivational speeches is not as important as being honest and living each day the way you should. I am an extreme weight loss story. I, like many others, fell because of my food addiction. Will I fall again, sure. I have fallen. Two years ago when tragedy struck, I fell. I ate. I gained. I struggled. But…..I never gave up and I did not fail. That is why I can proudly say I have now lost 225 pounds and kept off over 200 for four years!

But I will not fall today. Nor will I fall tomorrow. I know better now.

I put up a picture of myself this year at my highest weight of 272 pounds on my fridge. I will tell you, if I did not work out, I would be over 400 pounds right now.

I do not know my exact weight, but it is less than 272 pounds. I changed the way I eat. I am not going to promote it because there is not right way to eat, just the right way for you. I am the weak one who cannot eat “ONE” M&M. If you are, then that is great! You are stronger than me.

But my writing is getting a little better. I am able to tell my story a little better. I will not be on a talk show anytime soon or high fiving Chris Powell or doing any fitness challenges with the top athletes.

But I do not ever want to be the one that goes on TV for my weight loss and acts like I do not belong.

I do belong. This is my extreme weight loss story.

And I want more than 15 minutes of fame.

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