A lot has happened to me over the last five years. I was 420 pounds and lost in 2008. I decided to lose weight and did so. 221 pounds lost in 52 weeks.

But I thought the marathon of weight loss was over. All it did was give me an entry ticket into life. The life I want.

I learned that I am a decent writer. Not bad being the third best Posnanski who can write. I learned that I am a good dad. I learned that I have some talents I did not before.

I also learned that tragedy is not an excuse to fail. I have another story I am going to start telling. I think people need to know that successes also have flaws and setbacks. The key is to learn from them.

I was able to speak representing Attune Foods in San Antonio, TX for the H-E-B Slimdown Showdown. It was the first time I ever spoke in front of a group about weight loss. I spoke as a success story who has kept of over 200 pounds for four years.

And I am hoping it will not be my last time I speak. I have a pretty good story to tell.

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