“Right now we are not looking for a writer, but we would love to feature your weight loss success story…”

That is the response I have been getting lately. I do not want anyone writing my weight loss story. I want to do it.

Here is the thing, my weight loss success story is not losing 221 pounds in a year.

It is finding hope…


This is me at the beginning of 2012. Yep, the success story that lost over 200 pounds. When my life was turned upside down in July of 2011 I tried so hard not to turn to food. I was good for a few days. Then I ate. And ate some more. And ate a whole lot more.

I worked out every day. I would burn over 1000 calories a workout. And honestly, I would have been well over 300 pounds if I did not work out. But I got up to 272 pounds. But I could live with that. I could still work out at 272 pounds. I could still play with my son at 272 pounds. But I would not be 272 pounds for long.

But food seemed like comfort. Looking back, I have no good memories of food from that time. I cannot say I was thrilled to eat sh*t at 2am. I was not thrilled to fill myself up with Little Debbie snacks. I felt like I could not do it.

I have heard every story about people gaining back the weight. You know, that Eric guy from Biggest Loser. That 400 pound virgin guy. I am not special. I am not different. I fell back into tomorrow land. You know…where tomorrow never comes.

Except I still had kept off 150 pounds. I still maintained a weight loss. Maintenance can still be there with struggles. There are always clear rules for losing weight. There are few rules for maintaining. You should know how to do it. I mean, you lost weight, right?

But I realized things about myself. That food is not an answer. That I will have to eat a certain way and that is not a bad thing. Just different.

So about a little less than a year ago I decided to change my ways. I cut out a lot of things and I kept things that made me successful. But I did not blog about it as much. I kept quiet about it to many people.


Today I weigh less than 200 pounds. I do not know exactly because it changes each day but it is pretty consistent weekly. I work out and I eat the way that made me successful. I learned that tragedy is not an excuse to become a selfish eater. I learned that people in life care how you eat and it is their business, especially when they love and care about you. After losing over 70 pounds I just recently bought some new clothes. I donated every single piece of clothing that was even “kind of big” on me. I will not go back.

It is just not worth it. I used to contemplate just having one doughnut. I knew in my mind one would be a few. Yet, I could talk myself into it.

Now I look at my son. I look at my wife. I look at myself. I just know there is more to life than food. Food is fuel.

I have not really blogged on here, but I have been actively writing for Attune Foods and Anytime Fitness. I have a Facebook page that has gotten popular over the last few months. I have done these Dietbets and am proud to do one now where at least 60% of the game is going to One Fund Boston.If you have not done a Dietbet (and I know you have heard of them because everyone is doing them) I will say they are great for accountability.

Most people do not know my name is really Tony. Most people have no idea how I lost the weight. Most people do not know that much about me.

And that is why I love doing it. Because weight loss is not about a perfect plan or perfect workout. It has a lot to do with hope. Knowing others who struggle can succeed. Knowing that there is someone out there that will support your journey.


My friend Jack made this series a long time ago called WIDTH (Why I Do This Here). After blogging for over five years I know I will not be famous from it. I know that my posts will not go viral and I know that losing weight will not make life perfect.

But what it has done for me is realized after struggling and succeeding. After being the weirdest maintainer out there. After being able to tell people I have kept off 200 pounds for over four years…

It has given me hope.

Hope for another day.

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