I have gotten a lot of emails asking if I stopped blogging. If everything was okay? I have not updated this blog in over a month. I blog that I spent a decent amount of money in designing and getting it switched to WordPress from Blogger by a huge blog talent.

A blog that I love.

I am not as much of a blogger anymore. I enjoy writing little stories or talking about the past. I like quick quotes I think of or short motivational anecdotes.

The truth is I did not stop writing. I write each month for Attune and Anytime Fitness.

I have only begun.

I have switched over to Facebook. Most people have seen my page. Some do not like Facebook. But I have always been a “off the cuff” blogger. I never planned blog posts. I never waited to share news. I would just type and go. With the grammar errors I have/had, I probably should have waited on some of those posts.

But I still get emails like the other popular bloggers to promote things. I mean I am no “ChobaniPOMPopChips” kind of guy but I get asked from time to time to promote. True, I am no longer on those fantastic “Top 100 Weight Loss Blog” lists but I still am in the rotation of getting these types of emails….

Hi Jared,

Great Blog! I truly loved you post on weight loss. I think it was called ( Insert any post from my blog since they are all about weight loss). Anyway, how about trying three months of our awesome “blah blah blah”. And we will also give you one for a contest that we will never send out!

But I was waiting for my invite to Dietbet. I saw Roni do one earlier this year. When Roni promotes something I look at it a little because she takes a lot of time to really pick and choose what goes on her blog. After I got past the name of Dietbet (I thought is was like a Biggest Loser kind of thing) I loved the idea. And I finally got my email!

Dietbet is a weight loss challenge. I do not want to say it is a competition because instead of trying to beat everyone, you try to win with everyone. You want to encourage others. In fact, you are basically competing against yourself and motivating the group.

Your goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. So if you weigh 200 pounds….your goal is to lose 8 pounds.

For some people this might sound easy. For others this is very hard. Either way, I do think that this is very attainable.

Everyone who meets the goal will split the pot. So it is very cool to have a large pot of “gold” to work with. Dietbet does take a small fee for hosting the challenge. Not only that, but they also verify your weight by a picture of a scale and a picture of you with “normal” clothes on (shorts, shirt, etc.). They do a lot of work actually.

Obviously there are people who could cheat the system but it is not like you will win thousands of dollars doing it. The goal is to make your goal, encourage others to make their goal, win back money and maybe a little more and maybe do another challenge. Or at least that is what I would do.

The entry fee is $50 for my challenge. It is no small amount of money. But the goal is to win back your money. Plus, I am looking at February and I do not want people to think 2013 is over because January was a bust. It was not.

I am also doing this challenge with everyone. I am going to weigh myself, I am going to root people on and I hope people would do the same for me.

But I do have a little backstory…….

So as I have said I lost over 200 pounds. 221.4 to be exact. Once I lost the weight I really focused on pushing myself at the gym and gaining some muscle. I was doing very well with it.

In 2011 I was ready to trim some of the fat that I gained. My eating was still on point. Then tragedy struck. It was the hardest thing in the world for my wife and me. I kept on working out. I needed it. But I turned to food. Food said it would help me through the tragedy. Food lied. Food always lies.

I began 2012 at 272 pounds. I was ready to make a change. There were days where I jumped full force into it and then would crash the next day. I could not figure out why. Then I thought about something weird. In blogging, there are a lot of people who quit. When they make a comeback they promise to post every day. After three posts they are gone again. I had to ease back into certain foods.

I lost close to 50 pounds in 2012. My eating is back to where it was. My workouts have always been good but this year they have been real good. I am not perfect. But I learned a huge lesson. No matter what tragedies you have in your life….it is not an excuse to go back to selfish behaviors.

At least not for me.

So I have not weighed myself since December. Based on my pants and shirts I would say I am pretty close to 220-225. I have more muscle now than I did before and I will be posting some pics soon.

February is also my five year anniversary of starting this journey and four year anniversary of losing over 200 pounds. So it will be real nice to celebrate being down over 200 pounds for four years because after February I will be under 220.

So I hope you will join me. If not I understand. Not only that, but if you have not seen my Facebook page please do so. My goal is not only share my life but share others as well. Some people get a lot of of it. I know I do.

So there you have it. I am posting today. I am also promoting a challenge.

On a Saturday. Wow, on a Saturday. The day where blog posts go to die.

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