Like millions of people today I took my son to school. All I could think about was the horrific and tragic murders that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is all I could think about all weekend long.

When I got to school one of the entrances was blocked off. Of course it made me nervous. Who would not be nervous? While I was walking to the other entrance I noticed someone I have not seen before. Who was he? Should I be concerned? Then again, I was wearing a hoodie. Maybe he was just as concerned about me.

I saw that there were two security guards instead of one today. Both with guns on their holsters. I wondered what they could do if someone charged in with an automatic weapon? Maybe…there were two of them.

By now you have heard the story about Victoria Soto. It went viral on the Internet after the shooting. The story has changed from the original one posted but it has still stayed the same in my mind. Every time I read it I tear up……..


Victoria Soto was 27 years old. She was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. When the gunman entered her classroom she did everything she could to protect the children. There are different stories around. One story has it where she hid her students in the closet and when the gunman entered she said they were in the gym and she was then murdered. Another story has it where some children ran and some were murdered yet Victoria put herself in front of the children and was then murdered. There are other stories as well….

Every scenario has her as a hero in my eyes.

What is a hero? Everyone has a different definition of one. I have always said that policemen are heroes. Firemen as well. People in the armed forces are heroes. There are many heroes among us.

Teachers are very much heroes as well.

Victoria was young. Very young. I am sure she did not make a lot of money. Most teachers do not. That is not why they teach. They teach because they love children. They want to educate. They want to set an example.

No one at Sandy Hook deserved to die. Twenty six people died. Twenty innocent children and six innocent educators. There were so many other teachers who brought their students to safety. There were teachers who put their students first to make sure they were safe.

Victoria was one of them.

We live in a world where heroes are an afterthought. When we hear about the movie theater shootings in Aurora, CO we think about some orange hair guy in court and how he was mentally ill and his psychologist was to blame. Well, that is what I hear. Until I heard about four men who died during the shooting protecting their girlfriends. Putting others lives in front of theirs.

All weekend long I thought about the shootings in Connecticut just like millions did. I saw every political debate about it and saw both sides.

I thought about teachers as well. Every time I turn on the news I never hear about wonderful educators. I hear about “Former cheerleaders who have sex with younger underage student” or “Teacher who hits child” or “Teacher locks student in bathroom”. It seems like we look at the negative.

Of course we all have different opinions. That is not the reason why I am writing this. We all are looking at this massacre differently.

I am writing this because when I got into my son’s classroom to drop him off I looked at his teacher. She is a wonderful woman. I asked myself one question….

“Is my son’s teacher Victoria Soto?”

I think she is. I think many teachers are.


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