I read this post today about social media exhaustion by my friend Carla. Lately it does seem that more and more people are complaining about social media. The weird thing is, most people are complaining about social media on social media. I have my own take on it.

But I loved her post. I loved the whole “Crushing It” saying because there are a few people who say it and I do not know what it means. The only thing I was crushing was seats at 420 pounds.

But I thought it would be fun to give my take on social media as well. I will say I love it because I am able to promote posts and talk about weight loss to a much bigger audience. Now, there are some annoying parts……

First off, I do not understand some things. I do not know why people feel the need to update their status, tweet, blog and pin the fact that they are going to unplug for a weekend. What the hell does that mean anyway? How long does one stay on social media? Not only that, who is the person that is truly amazed by that feat? For me, I look at it as there is no plug on my phone. I can spare five minutes checking something out.

I do not understand why people type “I almost did not press the send button on this post” when they have a new blog post. To me that is like when I was a kid and every week on ABC there was a “Very special episode of Full House”. It was never special, but I watched it each week. I wish people would just say “Read my damn post! It is GOOOOOOOD!”

I think that if you want to tweet you have big news, please make sure it is big news. Eating a peach is not big news. Now frozen grapes is a different story…..

I enjoy a Twitter chat, but I do not think they will save the world and I wish people would not think they will. I like a Twitter chat for good conversation, but do not be fooled. If someone always has Twitter chats all the time, then they interact will people on Twitter. When they interact, their Klout score goes up, which rates your presence on social media. Once your score is high, you can go to different companies and ask to promote. If you want your Klout sore to go up, do more Twitter chats, which Klout seems to base a good amount of score on Twitter. And yes, my score is very low compared to my social media friends.

With all that being said, I will tell you that I enjoy social media. I am never exhausted with it and I know that my family and health come before it, just like everything else.

I am going to give you my six tips for social media and how I deal with it….

1. Pick what you like the best and focus on it– There are so many different social media sites. There is the famous Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. There are so many more as well. Pick which one you like the most and focus on it. I have always like Facebook more than anything else. It is quick, most people have a Facebook account and you can update a status and check back on it later. Twitter is to “in the moment” and you can get lost in Pinterest. By the way, I do have a Pinterest page. I do not pin but I think of funny Ecards and post them.

2. Keep Trying– In four years I have had more failures on social media that wins. I do not even want to remind people that I had a “72 Day Kim Kardashian Divorce Diet” that I made a Facebook page about. But more than that, I have been able to give some great quotes and put up some good pictures. You should learn that people can be brutal at times, especially when you are opinionated. But if you are honest with your posts and updates, more and more people will want to read you!

3. Promote your talent– I love social media because I love writing now. And what better way to promote my work than on Facebook and Twitter. But social media is a great way to promote your talent. Maybe it is a Vlog or photography. Either way, you should be proud to post it for all to see.

4. Do not live on Twitter– I do like Twitter but there are people who live on there. If you are the only live tweeter when it is 5am and the only other thing that is being tweeted is Horoscopes, you have a problem. But Twitter is fun to pop in from time to time. And stop refreshing your Twitter, no one mentioned you. HA! Made you look.

5. Block “Just Sayin ;)” people– I hate when someone puts “Just Saying” at the end of a comment. I think it is condescending and crass. So I just block that person. I think that social media can be fun with some sarcasm, but I think there is a limit when someone is trying to be serious. Just know there will be haters out there regardless. Sometimes you can learn from them, I know I have. And if you are a lurker and have a nasty comment to say, why don’t you keep it to yourself and keep lurking? Just Sayin?

6. Have fun- I always said it is stupid for someone who has a lot of followers to say “Have Fun” on social media even if you do not get a lot of likes or comments. But I will tell you, one like is a great feeling. People want to bash the whole “Retweet” or “Like” thing but I love it. Especially for someone like me who only talks about his weight loss on social media. But have fun doing it also. If you want to make people “like” you, they never will.

Either way I do think social media is here to stay. I am not sick of it and I know when to stay away and when to be on it.

What about you? Do you crush it? Do you even know what that means? I do not!


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