I am on a pretty good streak right now. So far I weigh less than I have in a year and a half. I completely changed the way I eat as well. Much stricter than when I lost 221 pounds and something I truly feel I can live the rest of my life doing. I still go to the gym all the time….so everything is pretty good.

But I will never say weight loss is easy no matter what. I wrote about it here and would love for you to read it. I have struggled for over 30 years with weight loss/gain. One thing I know now……..I will never get cocky about it. Just happy I am still able to be in the game.

Disclaimer- I am an Attune Ambassador. I love writing for them because I am able to share my story. Your likes and comments on my posts mean a lot to me. The one thing I never really had a lot of confidence in is my writing. Over the last four years, when I actually began writing, I have gotten some of the nicest compliments about certain posts. That means a lot to me. It makes me want to write more. For this I say thank you.

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