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The truth is I am in a good place right now. The past year has been tough but it has been a real good life lesson for me. I learned what kind of person I am and the person I will always be. I learned that losing over 200 pounds taught me more than being in “Onederland” and I also learned that life does not stop.

Today I weight less than I have in a year.I am also very proud that I never went back to 400 or even 300 pounds like I have in the past.

I have designed a diet that works real well for me. I will be under 200 pounds by the end of the year. It will be a different 200 pounds than before because of the muscle I have put on. I am kind of keeping quiet about it because it is a pretty good story and I want to figure out a good way to tell it.

But I would love for you to read this story I wrote for Attune because it really shows the kind of person I am. The assignment I had was to write about portion sizes in restaurants and this is what I ended up with. I love the post. I hope you do as well.

Disclaimer- I am an Attune Ambassador. I am also proudly related to someone who has the #1 Non-Fiction book on the NY Times Best Sellers List.

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