I have a lot of posts coming up in the near future. I really have not talked that much about everything that happened after last summer. I also have not talked about my goal for 2012, the diet I am creating for myself and so on.

In time it will come up. I notice sometimes that when I rush to tell things on the blog they usually fizzle out.

But I did write a great post on portion control that I would love for you to read. I am pretty bad about promoting posts that I write, but this is a pretty funny one about those 100 calorie snacks!

Please share, like, tweet, or whatever kids do these days. I really enjoy writing for Attune and I am also very proud of their product.

Expect some posts soon.

Disclaimer- I am an Attune ambassador. I also wish I could sing. I am pretty bad at singing so if I was really good I think I could make it on American Idol. Or more so The Voice. I am not sure which one would pick m….wait, wait. I would be on the Glee Project. I was FORCED to watch it at night when I was trying to go to sleep. I do think the wrong person won though.

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