The other day I was going to write a post about “The Best Weight Loss Blogger”. I think if you ask 100 people who is the best, you will get 100 answers.

If you have followed me for a while you probably already know who I think is the best weight loss blogger. I base it on a lot of things which I will get into later on. I think there are a ton of great weight loss bloggers out there, a lot of fantastic ones and a few superb ones. But one has always stuck out in my mind as the best.

But instead of just writing the post, I wanted to get some feedback from the community. One of my biggest opportunities is my involvement in the blogging community. It always has been. I have always focused more on the one nasty person rather than the 1000 fantastic people. But I have been working on it.

So I posted the question. I did not get a lot of responses but a few great ones. One person mentioned Suzi Storm. I can see that. I actually think her blog will only get better as time goes on. I think she is strong in her struggles and the way she talks about it relates to many people. One other person said Stephen and I can see that. His weight loss is amazing and he tells it in a unique and honest way. One person said Mama, and one other said This is Not a Diet- It’s your Life. I have read all of them. One person said Tara. The best way to describe Tara is someone who adores Madonna and raves about her but does not realize she can sing better than Madonna. She is so nice and so supportive of everyone, but her writing is dynamic. She is one of the only people out there that when she says “Read This Post!” I read it.

There were so many great blogs I heard. Some I have read, some I have not. Some people said their own blog was the best.I do not think my blog is the best. I am too inconsistent and I backtrack a lot. But I just wanted to see who was “the one” for most. Who is their go-to blogger.

So then I decided to ask the question on Twitter. Except I screwed up. I did not ask who was the best weight loss blogger. Instead I asked who is your favorite weight loss/health blogger.

I first got Tweets back with nine names on them. When I asked people to pick one they got angry. Why should they have to pick one? It would hurt others feelings!

Would it? I am not a favorite by many. But I have my consistent readers. I have people who still check me out on Google Reader.

Someone told me it was like those lists. I will tell you, there is nothing worse than the “Top 20 bloggers” list out there. I have turned down many of them. In fact, I do not get asked anymore.

The problem with those lists is that they do not promote the blog but rather the website the list is on. Most people will Google “Top Weight Loss Bloggers” and get a list with blogs on it and weight loss ads on the side. Plus, the lists are bogus until they take off some blogs that have not blogged in forever. Fat Man Unleashed and John’s Weight Loss Blog have not updated for quite some time.

But I got some great ones as well. Someone said BitchCakes which I do not read, but so impressed. Although I do not read, if you showed me a picture of a woman on a pink bike on the bridge dressed up, I would know it was her. I would recognize her in a room. Blogging is being unique. She is unique. Someone said Jack Sh*t which I do read. His blog is very consistent and funny. I love how he tells you about his life without telling you anything. Pretty creative!

There were others as well. Most people would give me a list but I wanted one.

Then Kelly made a comment. Kelly is one of those bloggers that I enjoy. I do not read her blog very much but I follow her more on Twitter. She has been overweight for quite some time and has lost a good amount. With losing that she gained confidence in herself. She shows it with pictures. I always say, confidence is a great thing!

Kelly said her favorite blogger(s) were Roni and Mizfit. I told her to pick one…….

When I think about bloggers those two always come to my mind. They are the powerhouses. Yet they are polar opposites.

Roni is a pure weight loss blogger. She has incorporated fitness into her blog but I will always think of her as the one who lost 70 pounds. She has defined daily blogging and made it into an art-form. She has built other websites and created Fitbloggin which changed the way companies look at bloggers in my opinion. She is always honest and her posts are short, sweet and to the point.

Mizfit is one of the only bloggers I have seen who truly crossed over from health/fitness to weight loss without a hitch. She would be my spokesperson for anything related to the “community”. Her blog is not only well written but people love to comment on it. That is because she truly cares what people think! She is consistent and one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with in this online world.
Kelly picked Mizfit. I was so impressed she picked one and did not give the “Oh I can not pick blah blah”.

I would not be able to pick who’s blog I read more Roni

The thing is I love weight loss blogging. I love when Jen writes a post at 2:30am because she cannot sleep. I love when Diana comes back to write. I miss consistent posts from UncoveringPamela. I miss any writing from Fat Daddy because I do not think he knew how talented he was. The last time I was on his blog I learned how to use Firefox a little better.

And that is why I stay around and will post more.

There are so many more great times. Posts where people could not press publish. People who get comments galore when they are down. People who write a post from the heart yet do not know how many people it will affect.

My question was not easy. Who is the best weight loss blogger?

Blogging was easier when I was losing weight. I could say “blah blah, I lost 200 pounds” and people would listen. After the weight loss it got more challenging. it got more fun. It is not easy to get people to listen to you after. Because you learn a lot about yourself. Yet, people do.

I have said it many times that in my opinion….Lyn is the best pure weight loss blogger out there. Remember this is my opinion. I have never seen anyone else write with so much passion day in and day out whether she is gaining or losing weight.

My favorite blog? Well, that is easy. It is


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