I am not a fan weight loss reality shows.

My wife watches them and my mom loves The Biggest Loser. My brother did a real nice post on Rulon Gardner when he was on The Biggest Loser. And I have dealt with weight issues for most of my life.

People want to talk to me about The Biggest Loser all the time. When most people hear weight loss they think of the show. The dramatic weight losses on the show. I usually just say I do not watch the show. People look at me in amazement. I think the majority of people feel like overweight people or people who lose weight should watch the show.

I have seen three episodes in my life. I remember one where some woman drank a lot of water before her weigh in so that her loss was not that big. I remember Jillian and Bob getting angry about it. I got mad about it because it is a game show. Why should anyone get mad about people trying to win?

Honestly, I do not like The Biggest Loser for one main reason.

Because I felt it was one of the only ways I could lose weight.

When I tell you that being 420 pounds changed me I am not lying. When I was 260 I thought “Wow, I can lose 60 pounds. No big deal! I have done it before.” Same with when I was 290. Losing 90 pounds is hard, but doable.

Losing over 200 pounds is not something most people feel they can do by themselves. I felt like I needed to be saved. I needed Jillian to train me and Bob to wake me up at 5am to help me eat a healthy meal. I needed a doctor to do surgery on me or I needed life to just take a quick time out because I did not have time to lose weight.

Life does not take any time outs for people. Bills need to be paid. Wives need to be cared for. Children need to be watched.

At 420 pounds I made a lot of excuses. I never had time to work out yet I had time to watch Billy Madison for the fifteenth time on TV. I did not have time to eat healthy yet I had time to wait in the McDonald’s drive thru for 20 minutes. It was not my fault. It was society’s fault that I was overweight. We live in the obesity epidemic, right? I can blame that, right?

Except I had to realize that I had time to lose weight. I had time to be active. I had time to eat healthy and still be a good worker and husband. But for me, I thought The Biggest Loser would save me. I was going to try out for the show but decided not to in 2006. I am not worried if I would have won or not. I lost 221 pounds in 52 weeks while working in a restaurant that has 7 of the 10 most unhealthy entrees in America. How do you think I would have done?

I do think I sometimes unfairly bash the show. That is not fair. I think that if you can find inspiration in it then that is wonderful. I have spoken to a few of the contestants before. I think that people need to see that weight loss is possible. No matter what.

For me, every time I see it I think about how I wanted someone to save me. I wanted someone to come in my house and throw away all my processed food and yell at me at the gym and help me lose weight.

That is until I helped myself.

Everyone takes different paths in life. I lost over 200 pounds. I struggle and love talking about it. Yet, I did not win $250,000.

I got my life back.

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