I remember going to a Weight Watchers meeting and talking to a Lifetime Member.

In my eyes, being a Lifetime Member was the thing to be. You get that status after you lose the weight, stay at your goal weight for a while and maintain it. At the time, you did not have to pay for meetings once you have achieved this level. I think now you get other things, like a pony.

Anyway I was asking her for some advice. I already lost close to 150 pounds at that point and I knew I would be close to my goal weight. My goal weight at the time was 200 pounds. Society and Weight Watchers told me 165 but I did not care. 200 pounds was fine for me. It was where I felt the most comfortable.

She started to give me the condescending advice I have heard before. The “Life Is a Journey” kind of thing. I was hoping for some cool advice like the secret to the band Journey, but instead she gave me cliches.

“Life is a journey”

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

“It will never taste as good after the first bite”

I am a bite guru. I can say it usually tastes pretty good despite the bite count.

But she said something that was weird because it made perfect sense at the time. It was something I actually did not hear.

” You are doing great on your journey. I will warn you. There will be a time when you are not losing weight. The cheers will fade. The compliments will stop. Then you need to find a motivation for yourself”.

I was actually shocked because this stopped me in my tracks. After hearing such stupid advice I heard this gem!

Once the weight loss starts you will get compliments. The compliments you get, you will not take seriously. They will be from people who love and care about you or people who know you are working hard to change. The scale can go up or down and yet you will still get those nice compliments.

“Wow, looking good!”- Wife

Then you will get compliments from people who have not seen you in a while. Those are great and they are not solicited.

“Have you been losing weight? Wow, you are looking skinny!”- Old Boss

Then you will get a nice comment from someone who is not a fan of yours. Those are the best! Those mean you are looking different.

“Skinny a**hole!”- Fired employee

Kudos during the journey are great. There is nothing wrong with being proud of losing weight. Of posting it on social media sites for all to see. For wanting a little recognition!

When I lost 221 pounds I told my wife. I posted it on my blog. I put it on Facebook. Then I did sit there and think “Now What?”

The motivation for me was not the compliments. That was a nice part. In fact, I hate compliments.

When I hit 355 pounds I was happy. I was able to put my seat belt on (barely) and I was able to wipe myself (barely) in the bathroom.

I got my life back.

You have to lose weight for yourself. I believe that.

So what motivates me now that the compliments have faded?

Because I do not want to go back to the way I was.

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