Let us start from the beginning. It was not that long ago that I was 420 pounds. In fact, it was four years ago.

Looking back, I cannot believe I lived that way. I cannot believe that I would walk into the Casual Male XL and hope they had a pair of pants that fit me. I wore a size 60 pair of pants with elastic. My length was a 28. They always did have a pair. The big and tall store always had a pair for me.

I cannot believe I would go to the bathroom and not be able to wipe. I cannot believe I was okay with that. I do not remember the day that I was not able to reach my arm behind myself to wipe. Yet, I kept on eating afterwards.

I cannot believe I was not able to use a urinal because I could not hold my pants up or “anything” else. I cannot believe that I would sweat in an air conditioned room. I cannot believe I could not tie my shoes.

There are a lot of things I cannot believe now. Looking back, it was normal for me. It was normal because all I cared about was food.

You do not get to 420 pounds by eating a late night snack or going to the buffet once in a while. You get to 420 pounds by eating like crazy day in and day out.

The funny thing is I lived like this for a while. Then I woke up one day and told my wife I was going to lose weight. I have told her this many times before. But for some reason I really wanted to this time.

I did. I lost 221 pounds in a year. After I lost weight, I started to work out and gained some muscle. I gained weight as well.

But that is not my story. Not the one I really want to tell. There are a lot of weight loss stories out there. Mine is a pretty impressive one. 200 plus lost in a year!

More than that, I want to tell the story of my life now. How tragedy is not an excuse for going back to old ways. How being 420 pounds changed me. How success is not measured by a scale but so many more things.

I am going to be blogging regularly now. I am not going to tell you how to lose weight or how to work out. I am not going to talk about the “best” anything.

I am going to talk more about my life. And how a failure can be a success.

So get ready. I am hoping to entertain and enlighten as well. Of course the blog is for me, which means I am not writing for anyone else. But I do feel that there are others who live or lived a life similar to me.

So where shall we start……

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