I remember sitting for my first meeting at Weight Watchers a little over four years ago. I sat in the back of the room with no one around me. There was maybe six people at this 7am Monday meeting.

I was by far the heaviest person there. In fact, I was the only male there. I give credit to Weight Watchers for trying to make it trendy for men. Yet, men join Weight Watchers for two reasons.

1.Wife/Girlfriend made them
2.They weighed 420 pounds

Okay, so maybe there were more reason than that, but not for me. My wife was never a fan of Weight Watchers. Neither was my mom. I never knew another man who was in Weight Watchers until months after. To this day I have no idea why I joined. Yet, it is what I needed.

When I was sitting through the meeting the leader (the person who runs the meetings) was asking a lot of questions. All about healthy eating and moving. I knew the answer to every single question.

The funny thing is I know as much about weight loss now as I did at 420 pounds. So many people think that overweight people have no idea how to lose weight. I knew. I knew what worked for me. I knew exactly what to do.

Knowing and doing are two different things though.

I did not get a lot of knowledge from the meeting. In fact, halfway through the meeting I was bored. It was not until someone asked a question.

“I know this sounds stupid but has anyone else had a dream where they overate and then woke up and ate a lot of food because their day was already ruined?”

Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. Except for me. I truly thought I was the only one that has done that before.

I would have dreams where I would eat and eat and eat and wake up and wonder if I really did. Food consumed my life.

I raised my hand to say I did. I was 400 pounds at the time. people expected that from me. They did not know I would lose 221 pounds in 52 weeks.

I learned very quickly that I needed to hear others experiences. I started to blog and then read blogs. I started to tell stories about being overweight no matter how embarrassing they were.

Telling those stories always helped me. I became known as the guy who could not wipe himself. The guy who could not hug his wife. The guy who coughed blood.

I wonder if that woman did not tell her story if I would have enjoyed the meeting as much. I went to meetings for a full year. Even when my eating was far from Weight Watchers I went to the meetings. When I did not go to meetings, I blogged more. When I did not blog more, I was on Facebook more.

There is no secret or perfect way to weight loss. I will say, it is nice to know sometimes you are not alone. I can assure you that you are not.

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