I love the term “Clean Eating”. It sounds so hardcore! Every time I hear that someone is a clean eater I think to myself “That is one bad mamma jamma! They are eating clean! No junk for them!”

Funny thing is….if you asked 100 people what “Clean Eating” means to them you will probably get 100 different answers.

I considered myself a clean eater for some time. You have to remember, I would eat everything around me for years. When I started to lose weight I would count calories for a while. Then when I stopped that I changed my eating to mostly fruits, vegetables, lean meats and some grains. Remember, I did say mostly.

So after losing a good amount of my weight I was sitting in a Weight Watchers meeting. The leader was congratulating me not only on my weight loss but how my diet has changed. She called me a clean eater.

Me…a clean eater? A guy who once deep fried a rib-eye in Tempura batter (AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!!!!).A guy who would go from fast food restaurant to fast food restaurant just hoping to be satisfied. Yep, I was a clean eater!

So someone asked me what I ate. I remember exactly…..

“Well, I start out usually with a bowl of Fiber One…”

“You are not a clean eater then! Fiber One is not clean eating. There are chemicals in there”

“Well, I mean, I just have a half a cup. Plus, it has a lot of fiber in it.”

“Okay. You are not eating clean.”

Was it true. Was my old obsession with Fiber One the reason I was kicked out of the Clean Eating club.

I look at it now and laugh but at the time I was pissed. How dare someone tell me that I was not a clean eater! I ate apples all the time. I loved cauliflower. I ate eggs. I was a clean eater!

The funny thing is I did not learn anything about clean eating in my almost five year journey. What I did learn however is that people love to give their opinion on how you are eating. If you are new to this journey you will get a lot of “Are you eating that?” or “That is not the best way to work out?” or “If I were you this is what I would do….”

Some of the advice is good, but most can be self destructive. Especially if you do not ask for the advice. Especially if you are doing something that works for you and then all of the sudden try something that works for others. Just remember everyone has an opinion.

So I am not a clean eater. In fact, I could argue that anyone is not a clean eater. The term is ridiculous. What I am is a guy who really tries to make the best choices with food possible. A guy who lost a lot of weight an will weigh less than his lowest Internet weight by the end of the year. A guy who really found a love for fruits, vegetables and meats. Something he has not for a while.

So I do not know what clean eating is. I do know what dirty eating is.

It got me to 420 pounds.



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