I have not blogged for some time. Sure, I have promoted a post on here or I have done part of a challenge, but I have had no desire to update anything on here.

Facebook has been my main mode of communication online. I built up an audience. I can make a two sentence post that is the meaning of any 500 word blog post and then get the attention of people. I can post a picture or a ecard and then have it pop on others pages. In fact, I have written blog posts on Facebook and got more views than I would on this blog.

Twitter is Twitter. It is just a way to quickly say what is on your mind. Not a huge fan of it to be honest with you, but I seem to be on there a lot.

Pinterest is like Vegas. You never know what is going to get 100 repins or no repins. It all depends on the time you pin and the frequency of pinning. That is pintastic if you ask me.

Anyway, why am I writing on here today?

Well, today I posted a status update. It was about finding the light at the end of the tunnel and how hard it is for people who are obese to see it. At least it was hard for me to see. At 420 pounds, I did not think I could lose the weight. When you do not think you can lose the weight, you do not try. I spent many days overeating and feeling sorry for myself instead of facing my fear, which is food.

I never liked getting advice from people who were not in the same situation as me. Not 420 particularly, but someone who has never been overweight. Someone who does not know how food can play tricks on you. Someone who really thinks the “Eat Less Move More” mantra is simple. I have learned that is you feel it is easy, you will never enjoy my blog. My main reasoning for blogging was to document a 200 pound loss and for me to go back when I struggled and view it.

So I posted the status update this morning and it was pretty popular. I was able to get some views and likes and then comments.

One comment stood out from the rest. It was a comment that brought back memories…..

“Jared. What made you not turn to weight loss surgery?”

I get called Jared more than ever now. It bothered me to no end a while back. I even think I wrote a post about how my name is Tony and not Jared and that I can not be The Anti-Jared if my name is Jared and…….

Honestly, I see why she called me Jared. I see why everyone on Facebook calls me Jared. There is no Tony in sight.

I am okay with the Jared thing. Actually, that is not what made me think. It was the question. Why didn’t I turn to weight loss surgery?

I have written about weight loss surgery about six times. Honestly, I have different opinions about six times on it. I think the best bloggers contradict themselves. They grow as people. If you look at me as the person I was three years ago, you are not seeing the same person. I have seen my son who will be three grow. I have dealt with tragedy in my life. I have found a love for working out and I still have a hard time with food. I knew I would. I am glad I knew I would. I did not want to have a hard time with it, but there are a lot of things I do not want to have a hard time with.

When I was 420 pounds I did not want surgery because I wanted to do this on my own. The one person I knew who lost 300 pounds with surgery ate poorly (smaller portions) and had a lot of loose skin.

While losing weight, I met some inspirational and wonderful people who went through gastric bypass surgery and Lapband surgery. They learned how to eat well and work out. My views changed on it. Still, I am never a fan of any type of surgery, but that it my opinion.

There is no easy way for weight loss. While I was losing the weight, so many people told me I would be over 400 pounds within three years of losing it all. I lost it too quickly. I lost 221 pounds in a year. People who have the surgery do not lose weight that fast. Very few people on The Biggest Loser lost weight that fast.

Since I lost the weight over three years ago, I have learned that I am a strong person. I have a lot of different talents. I can inspire people, make them laugh and cry. Over the last few years, I learned that I can do more than what I am doing with my life now. I have gained confidence and I have learned how to be the best I can be.

I am also no where near 420 pounds.

But why didn’t I turn to weight loss surgery? I cannot answer that now. I am a different person than I was four years ago. Maybe I was scared. Maybe I thought it was an easy way out, which now I know it is not.

It does not matter now. I did not choose surgery.

But more than that, I realized today that I am not as much The Anti-Jared as I once was. I am Tony. A guy who lost weight and fights everyday to succeed. Someone who had his life turned upside down last year and still is trying to make it normal again. Someone who thinks weight loss is more about believing in yourself and making sacrifices than the nine bazillion plans out there. I gained over 200 pounds between 2001-2008. Maybe deep down I believed I could lose it?

So I do think that I have a lot of story to tell. I have never been a daily blogger or one that can bring the community together.

I am one that tells his story.

So I am not promising a post tomorrow or even next week. But do not think that I am going away, that my writing is going to sit on a Word document.

I have a lot to talk about.


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