When you do not blog for some time, people get nervous. They wonder where you went and if you went down the wrong path in life. I never worry about people leaving, I always worry about their struggle coming back to blogging. Most of the time it is short lived.

I have not blogged that much on here in about a year. I have had some posts here and there, some failed challenges but mostly I have updated on other forms of social media. Social Media that was not as popular four years ago.

But people worried about me. They would shoot me some emails hoping I was okay and asking if I needed help.

Most recently, I got emails with the David Smith weight gain link included asking me if that was me…….

There are very few people who have inspired me based on weight loss. That is not a knock on people because there are a ton of people who have inspired me for other reasons. Strength through tough times, people who have changed their lives through adversity….those kinds of people. Jared Fogle was never an inspiration to me. He was a guy who ate subs as a gimmick and lost weight. Maybe his life was different, but that is the way he told his story. That is how he became wealthy.

David Smith inspired me.

He was over 600 pounds. He decided to lose weight and ended up losing over 400 pounds. That is all I knew. That is all I needed to know.

I do not care how you do it, losing 400 pounds is magical. How you would not just stop at 300 pounds lost…..how you would not give up at 500 pounds, just wow. David Smith did it. I wrote him once and he wrote back a real nice reply.

It kind of changed for me a little though when I watched him a couple of years back. I remember watching him on interviews and on a TV special but he was not alone. He always had his trainer with him. You know who his trainer is now. It is Chris Powell. He is now on ABC. He is everywhere. He changes lives and makes people lose a dramatic amount of weight.

I was over 400 pounds. I remember thinking I could not lose weight unless I had a trainer. Unless I was on The Biggest Loser. Unless I quit my job and devoted my life to health and fitness. That is not true at all. I hate reality weight loss shows. I am not here to debate it. For every 100 people who love them, I just remember watching them and not seeing a TV show, but seeing that was the only way I could lose weight.

I recently read about David Smith’s weight gain. No one ever talks about life after losing the weight. Weight loss is hard, but very structured. It gets a little complicated afterwards. Skinny does not fix everything. I remember someone telling me how gross McDonald’s was and I wondered why did it just smell so damn delicious when I drove by? Yet, I knew that a 500 calorie burger can turn into a 5000 calorie debacle.

I saw something in David’s story that I loved. Sure, he gained back 250 pounds, but he also found a woman who is by his side. He was honest with food. He knows what to do. In fact, I have no doubt he will lose the weight again. People think that once you lose weight, you forget. That is not true.

My life turned upside down last July. It is something I do not talk about. I wrote about it one time on here. That is all I need to write about it.

But what people need to know is that tragedy is not an excuse to go back to old ways. Not even food……anything that takes over your life. There are too many people who care about you even if you do feel alone. Even if you feel isolated, like the world hates you.

Over the last year, I have struggled with food. I am not ashamed to admit it. There were days when I would overeat and there were days that were perfect.

I also found my love for working out. I hate the term “love for fitness”. Working out for me is time with my thoughts. I have not missed many workouts. My wife has been more than annoyed with me for asking her when I can work out every day.

“We need to go to a wedding tonight.”
“So should I work out in the morning?”

But working out saved me.

I have tried doing some little challenges on here, but they never worked out. That is not how I blog. I do not like talking about what I am going to do. I do not like complaining or whining or yelling about what is unfair in life.

Life is unfair…..deal with it.

Instead, I took a step back. I saw my weight creep up to 267 in May. At 267 I can still wipe my ass, buckle a seat belt and buy clothes at Walmart. Yet, 267 can turn into 450 pounds quickly.

So I changed. I got strict. Workouts and eating turned back to old ways. I did this on my own. In four years, not one ever pushed me to work out. No quote ever made me change the way I think. I did this stuff on my own.

Today I weighed 243. In December of 2011 I wrote some goals for myself. By the end of this year, I will weigh less than I have in 25 years.

But I want to enjoy blogging again. I actually loved writing this post. I never was a fan of comments. I do not tell me story so you can tell your story in a comment.

I write to tell people close to me how I am doing. I do not talk very often.

Actions speak louder than words.

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