It is bound to happen.

When you start a blog it is for yourself. It should always be for yourself in my opinion. Yet, you do want people to read it. If you did not, then you would have a diary, make it private or keep your writing on a Word file in your computer.

You promote posts with Facebook and Twitter and you ask people questions on their journey. You love the fact that your posts get a few comments, a couple of likes here and there. Most people are going to tell you “Great Post” or something of that nature.

Then out of the blue it will happen. You will get a comment that in your eyes makes no sense. Someone will disagree with your view and post it for all to see.

Maybe not even your viewpoint. Maybe they want to tell you that your grammar sucks. Maybe they want to tell you that your blog sucks. Maybe, just maybe they want to tell you that you suck.

It might not be worded that way but that will be the way you take it. It might start off very innocently. Most negative comments do.

“I love your blog, but…….”

Just like in a restaurant the kiss of death is “I hate to complain but…..”

Then they will go on a rant about how your post made no sense to them and that they are right. Sometimes they try to make it more compassionate by adding a winky face at the end of the comment or a “Just Saying”. “Just Saying” is basically a cute way of saying “I am smart and you are not”.

Then you get mad. You look over your post three or four times and wonder how someone could find anything offensive. You look to see if you did something wrong. You might even write a rebuttal for your next post about the negative comment. People will be there for you and tell you that your blog rocks and that you should ignore the comment but you can’t. It is stuck in your mind.

This happens to almost every blogger. I used to think this only happened to me but it does not. You will learn that people have their own issues and sometimes you will not realize what will trigger someone. I once got the nastiest email from someone because I bashed SENSA. SENSA. The powder you put on food. Yet, I struck a nerve with someone.

But I bet you think this has only happened to you. I bet you might think that you get this comment and that everyone hates you. I bet you might even consider quitting blogging because it is not worth it.

Well, here is the thing. I am considered a decently popular weight loss blogger. For every one negative comment I get there are 100 great ones out there.

But you need to know that sometimes the negative comment is not about you. It is about the person who wrote it. Maybe they are struggling. Maybe they are in a bad place.

I wish more bloggers would tell things like this. I once spoke to a real popular weight loss blogger and asked her if she thought about writing a true helpful bloggers guide. Not the “Who cares about how many comments you get” but the “I have refreshed my blog 500 times and I still only have one comment from my mom”. She thought I was an idiot.

But I do not think I am. I think that negative comments are a part of true blogging. But know, if you get them, it means you sparked someone’s interest.

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