Weight- 251.8lbs

When I was over 400 pounds I really never knew my exact weight. i just knew I was over 400 pounds.

At the doctor I was known as 350+ because the scale at the time went up to 350 pounds. I never went on a scale after it said ERR when I went on one that went up to 400 pounds.

One thing I never said was I actually dieted for a week before I joined WW. I was scared that the scale would give an error sign or something like that. I learned that Weight Watchers scales go much higher than 400 pounds.

When you are losing weight and you are incredibly obese, the scale is a fantastic motivator. No one will come up to you after losing 20 pounds and compliment you….well, unless you initiate it. The scale however will tell you that your eating is right on target.

Down the road, there are other things that are a little better than the scale. Pants fitting looser, doing things you were not able to before and eventually compliments are much more flattering than the scale.

Weighing myself everyday is very strange for me now. I am doing it for a few reasons. The main one is accountability. I know that the scale will fluctuate, but I am confident with what I am doing now and seeing the numbers go down. It is still a great motivator, just not my main one anymore.

I have decided to call this 90 day thing “The Comeback” because I rarely see it in weight loss blogging (People who full time blog then leave and then comeback). I see a lot of attempts (I am guilty of it) but not a lot of follow through. I also want to see if I can actually blog for 90 days. If I can be my best after 90 days. If I have an idea for my future in 90 days.

I guess I will have to wait and see. So far though, everything is working out well.

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