Weight- 252.2 lbs

I just got done with a workout. Cardio lately has been going real good. I burned around 1200 calories in two hours.
Eating has been going great as well. I forgot that tracking is annoying but it really does show how much you eat.

I can remember starting my journey in 2008. After the first day I told my wife “Get ready…..I am going to lose a lot of weight”. I never said that to her before. I would usually say something like I am going to start tomorrow or I need to eat healthy. But a confident statement like losing a lot of weight never came out of my mouth.

I am feeling the same way. There really is no name for what I am doing now. I am just starting with 90 days of food, workout and blog accountability. I have a feeling that I will be my best after 90 days.

But now I am feeling good. And I said this yesterday…..putting your weight up for people to see each day really helps you make right food and fitness decisions.

I made the right ones so far.

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