Weight- 253 lbs.

I never understood why people took pictures of the scale with just their feet and posted it. I would think that no one would lie about their weight and not have to show proof. Wait, did I just write no one would lie about their weight?

My son has gym class today. He is really active. He loves to run around and jump. That makes me very happy. I think I just wanted to watch TV when I was younger. He could care less about it, although I think Special Agent Oso is his favorite. I like him also because he taught me how to make a tamale.

One thing I forgot about weight loss blogging is that anything can be controversial. No matter what you write…..it can be taken the wrong way. People who are successful in blogging know how to ignore those comments. Did I tell you that I am not that successful in weight loss blogging.

So eating was real good yesterday. Except I got fooled by an apple. You know, when it looks and feels crisp and then all you bite into is one big mush. Yuck! Not a fan.

I am going to go workout in a couple of hours. I did the Stairmaster and the Precor elliptical machine yesterday for a nice 1200 calories burned. That is why I love my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor). It is pretty exact. Well, exact enough.

Not much more going on, but today should be another good day.

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