Weight 251.6 lbs

Quick update. Nothing really going on. Had a lot of work this weekend. About to go in right now.

Workouts have been going real good. I think I am going to change it up a little this week as well.

So here is what I am doing. I am going to have the best body I have ever had in 90 days. It is not really about the 90 days but more about the four years of losing weight and working out. But I am confident I built enough muscle that if I trim off fat, it will be better than any picture I have put out there.

On Day 30 I am going to put my first picture out. I already have a day 1 picture and will not put it out until Day 30. Kind of an incentive for me.

So the 90 day Comeback is going well. Big changes to come!

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