Day 2 weight- 254 lbs.

If I am posting on a Saturday…the day where bloggers go and do normal things, then it is official. I am back to being a blogger.

I ever opened my comments. How about them apples?

So here is what I am going to do. For the next 90 days I am going to blog every single day. For me, I feel more organized and accomplished when I blog. Kind of like getting all of my ideas out. Like today for instance I was watching a Sensa (I think it was Sensa) infomercial and thought “Who wears a bikini in a before picture?”

I am tracking my food but not going to put it up here. I will tell you that I am going to go around 1900-2200 calories a day focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I am working out almost every day, and for the next 30 days focusing on cardio and not free weights.

This is going to be a 90 day plan for me. One that I am creating as I go along.

I am going to weigh myself each morning and post it up here. That should be fun! Well, maybe not, but I will tell you. Once you see your weight up on a blog where a hundred people read it, it will hold you accountable.

I will also share some stories. This 90 day plan is for me. When I got down to 355 pounds over three years ago, my life got better. I was able to put my seat belt on, I was able to get clothes (Although the biggest size) at the mall (Dillard’s big and tall section) and I was going to the gym. Now at 255 I am extremely active. I know the right and wrong foods to eat (maybe just not the right amount) and I can get clothes anywhere. This time will be weird because at 420 pounds, I felt like I had to lose weight. Maybe I should feel like I have to again. Who knows?

Anyway, please enjoy because I will post, even if it is from my phone for a quickie (HA!). I am going to focus on Facebook and Twitter as well (Pinterest has listed me as spam now so I have to get that resolved).

That is all really. I went to a wedding last night. I worked out this morning. Some woman almost pushed me over while walking past me. I thought “Show that intensity on your workout and not on me.”

Now, it is time to eat something. Maybe a salad with apples? Who knows?

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