Have you ever had it where you were going to announce something and then things happen and all of the sudden you change everything you are doing?


So I am coming up on my four year anniversary of this blog. Honestly, I was kind of getting tired of it. Let’s face it, I have not really “weight loss” blogged in three years. I have told stories of my life. I have gotten angry at weight loss things going on. I have gone from blogging four times a week to maybe once a month.

Weight loss blogging has changed. I remember a time when I would just pop on to Diana or Pamela or Fat Daddy or Carlos to see how they were doing. I would wonder how much weight they lost and write a nice note if they did well. If they gained, I would write something like “Do not worry about the scale” or something like that.

I changed, weight loss blogging did not. I started following health bloggers. I started to have my Twitter feed and Facebook filled with Instagramed pictures of food and stupid pictures of hot workout women with quotes on them. That is not weight loss blogging.

I was getting sick of blogging, but it is not the blogging I do not enjoy. It is the fake health stuff I hear. I am tired of worrying about “Pink slime” in my nuggets. I could care less. I do get frustrated when the scale goes the wrong way. I do not believe the whole “It is just a number” crap. Because it is not just a number, it means that maybe….just maybe I am not doing the right things.

Honestly, it seems like the internet is full of people who have never had a weight loss issue telling people how to lose weight. Well, maybe I am the only one that knows the power of three M and M’s and how it can lead to much more. Maybe I am the only one that knows a week of not working out can lead to never going back. Maybe I am tired of people telling me it is okay to indulge once in a while. I was over 400 pounds. My highest weight was not 190. Maybe instead of food I need to indulge in other things.

My blog was meant for one thing. Me. To hold me accountable. I turned it into more.

That is okay, but I need to make it back into a weight loss blog.

You see, I never fell that far. I work out every day. I am not close to being 400 pounds. I could be though.

Last year I got up to 255 and in May I started to trim down. I was doing great until tragedy struck me and my family in July. My one thing I have learned, tragedy should never be an excuse for an addict. When you are over 400 pounds, you do not become perfect when you hit a certain weight. Maintenance is kind of tricky.

So this week I weighed myself and I am 255. I still work out two hours a day, but I have not been writing down what I eat. Honestly, I have been eating more than I should. Especially since I burn close to 1000 calories a workout.

So I have decided to actually become a weight loss blogger. Actually try to post each day (even if it is only a sentence), talk about my weight, successes and failures I have had (or having).

We shall see. I might even open up comments.

And to think, I was going to say I was going to slow down on blogging.

Day 1- 255 lbs.


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