So earlier this week I woke up to a not so happy wife. She was looking at her computer screen with a scowl. I asked her what was wrong when she said….

” Enough with the Pinterest. You are clogging up my whole feed.”

Ah yes, my newest thing. Pinterest. You can all thank Alysa for giving me the invite to join.

“What do you mean I am clogging up your feed? I do not understand.”

I really did not. I know that people use Pinterest as an idea board. They get fashion and cooking tips and pin them to different boards they have for all to share.

I use it for a completely different thing. I actually use it for one thing.

All day long I think of ideas. I try to think of funny ideas. Then I go to this website and make a card with that idea. I put it on my one Pinterest board and that is all.

I do not look at other boards. I do not repin. In fact, I am following people and have no idea how that happened.

My wife has been annoyed. In fact, many people have been annoyed. I did not realize that every “pin” I had went to Facebook and Twitter.

I have been getting some snarky remarks and rightfully so. The last couple of weeks has been pop shot heaven.

Then my wife said something….

“And do not take this the wrong way, but a lot of what you write is not that funny.”

In all fairness, I knew she would not find what I wrote funny. What I have noticed on Pinterest is that most of my followers are not in weight loss or health. They are 20-30 year old women.

So I did not take what she said the wrong way. She is right. In fact, I would say that 90% of what I write is not funny, 9% is kind of funny, and 1% is hilarious……

Now let me tell you why I am successful.

If you think that the diet you choose is more important than determination you are wrong. Weight Watchers should have never worked for me. But I made it work.

I made it work until I decided to change it. I changed it before they went to a different plan called Momentum. I worked out before they pushed it. I made it work.

I would have lost 200 pounds on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems. I would have lost the weight on any system. I needed structure. Period.

But I lost weight because I was determined to be successful. That is weird coming from someone who had so many weight loss failures. Well, diets did not fail me, I failed them. I did Atkins wrong. I did Zone wrong. I did a lot of diets wrong. You know what, most people do.

After the first day I knew I would lose all the weight, but it was tough. There were days when I felt like I could not do it. There were days when I did not want to work out. The year I lost the weight was a huge struggle. It did not matter, I got the end results.

After over 30 years of feeling like a failure I started to know what it took to be successful. Losing weight does not make you feel like a success. I have lost weight my whole life.Getting your life back makes you feel like a success.

I never want to lose that. I can gain and lose weight but I know that I can change my life. I am talented. I can be funny and motivating. Things I always had that were hidden in my obesity.

And that is okay, because it has made me a much better person at 36 years of age. I appreciate things much more.

I have recently gotten letters from people asking me to help them lose weight. I never answer the way they want. They want a plan, a success track. Well, I do not know the best diet. I do not have the answers. I will tell you, you keep hitting a wall it will fall. Your hands and back might hurt, but it will fall.

So I told my wife not to follow me. Not in a mean way, because I understand where she is coming from. I told her just come on there once a ay and check it out. I told her to let me know what she thinks is funny and what is not.

I will tell that to everyone. I have been annoying for four years. The funny thing is, once you do something that catches on, you are not that annoying.

So I write these silly cards and see what people think is funny. I will tell you, what I find funny no one else does. What others find hilarious, I do not.

But I do feel that one thing I do will catch on. I have always thought that. One post on my blog, one status update, one tweet or one “pin” will change everything I do on social media.

And I will strive to find that “one”.

We should all strive for that “one”

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