I love it. I have blogged long enough to say……

“When I started blogging there was no social media. We had a blog and a MySpace page. And we liked it!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, times have changed. Blogs are starting to be outdated a little. Social Media is where it is at.

But I think that people try to combine everything as one. They make a update and put it on all of their Social Media outlets. Or they put tons of links on Facebook and clog up home pages.

Well, I am one of them. I need to get more organized. So now I am going to make a commitment to organize my Social Media….


1. Facebook – I have been playing around with a lot of ideas on here since it seems to be my most popular one. I have seen that there are days I do not post, and then others that I post too much. I always link my blog posts on here, and I also try to put up pictures of food, workouts, etc.

I think I am doing too much. Facebook is cluttered with family and friends for most as it is. I am going to post a motivational post each morning and links to blog posts. That is it. I do not want to bog people down with everything else. Plus, I love comments for posts on here much more than on my blog ( Reason for comments turned off).

2. Twitter– I have always been annoyed with Twitter, and I finally realized that is the point. Twitter is to get quick thoughts off of your chest. If you follow me on Twitter, I will tell you it is completely different than Facebook. In fact, I am much more annoying there.

Twitter is to promote my blog posts and to get weird random thoughts out. I also can communicate with people much easier when they give me an @ than a email or Facebook message.

3. Pinterest– I am new to this, but like it. I am all into pictures, and making little motivational pictures like this one….

It does not fit into my Facebook page that much. I think I annoy more people when I post it there. I hate posting pictures on Twitter as well, so I think my crazy fun pictures will now be on my Pinterest page. Plus my blog posts.

4. Tumblr– Yeah, you are not going to get much out of this.

5. Linkedin- No desire for this, and please stop sending me emails to add you on.

My blog is the most important part of everything. It is where I can sit for a couple of hours and put my thoughts into one nice post.

So lets see how I can organize this. Do not worry, I will screw it up.

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