There is a lot of weight loss advice out there, and most of it makes sense when you read it but does not work when you apply it.

I will tell you one piece of advice that worked for me this time because it is the reason I failed so many times before. You see, whatever plan you are on, you will lose weight. The first week you will lose weight, and everything will make sense.

Down the road though, there will be a day or a week you will gain weight during a diet. It happens to almost everyone. You will do everything right, you will work out, and the scale will say you are up. You can go on it again, and it will say the same thing.

How do you react? That is the key. During my 221 pound weight loss, I had two weeks where I gained weight and had no idea why. I worked out hard, I ate right, and yet the scale said I gained 1.6 pounds.

When this happened before, I would change everything up. I would get upset and quit, or say it was not worth it.

But I did not stress or try to change everything around this time. I did not want to give up this time. I had confidence in what I was doing and knew that if I kept eating well and working out.

The following week I lost weight. In 52 weeks I lost 221 pounds.

I will say, weight loss makes sense when you are losing weight, but when you gain weight, when it does not make sense, that is when you need to confidence in yourself.

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