I think it is actually amazing that I have been blogging for almost four years now.

I hated writing growing up. I liked doing other things, like eating. Maybe also eating. I really did not have many hobbies. I liked video games and baseball cards. That really was about it.

Since I did like eating, I lived a life of obesity. Gaining and losing happened all the time. I really did not have much time for much else.

In 2008, I decided to lose weight for good. I figured that at 420 pounds it was the right time. No, 400 pounds was not the right time, but 420 pounds.

When I started to lose weight, I wanted to document it somehow. I knew of blogs because my brother had one. So I decided to hop on Blogger and start a blog.

No one knew about my blog. I did my first post and then another one a couple of months later. In fact, I did maybe eight posts in six months. I really did not take a lot of pride in them, just documenting how much I have lost.

Funny thing is, my wife was the only person who knew about my weight loss in my family. I did not tell anyone else.

Then in October of 2008, my brother came to visit us. Now, my brother is not the normal blogger. He is an excellent writer. He always has been. He has written books on the NY Times Best Selling List. He has written for numerous newspapers around the country and won awards. He now writes for Sports Illustrated and was voted Best Sportswriter of 2011.

So when my brother noticed I lost weight he said I should blog about it. I did not want to tell him that I already did. I was embarrassed.

Eventually I did tell him. He told me it was good. Same with my wife. Same with my parents. It was a nice feeling, but it was kind of like when you ask someone who loves you if you are losing weight. I mean, what are they going to say? Are they going to tell you no? Maybe in some families, but not in mine.

So I started to promote my blog a little. I joined Facebook and MySpace….  and then Twitter. At this time I lost around 160 pounds. I started to really think about what I would write. I would update my blog with my weight loss, but started talking a little about my life before.

I would post my blog all over the Weight Watchers boards. So much, that I got numerous emails telling me they would kick me off the boards if I continues to do that. Same with Sparkpeople. Same with MyFitnessPal, Traineo, 3FatChicks, and other boards.

I would post comments on so many blogs with my blog link on it. I think doing that annoyed people more than anything else.

Honestly, I did not really start getting my stride until people like you told me how much a post meant. How down to earth I was. How much my blog has helped.

In four years I have made so many blogging mistakes. I have offended people which I should have allied with. I have been inconsistent when I should have been more consistent. I should have promoted myself more when I did not.

But I did stay somewhat true to the whole purpose of my blog…which is my story. It is not the best weight loss story, but I tell it a little differently than most. A lot of eople think I have something to sell them, and I do not. They think I know the best diets, and I do not.

What I know is how bad it was to be obese. I have seen talk shows where very overweight people would get up and say “I am overweight and I do not care” and that does bother me. Because I would say that, and not even think about my friends or family. I would just think about where my next meal came from.

I do think you should love yourself no matter your size, but I also think you should care. You should care about your health. You should care about being active. You should not have to worry about sitting in a booth in a restaurant.

So I have talked about this for four years now. I have started a new adventure as well where I am blogging for other sites and really focusing on being product “ambassadors”.

It is a new and scary world for me. Page views and traffic, utilizing social media and automated times on posts.

I have asked some bloggers for help. They kind of give me the “Be Yourself” answer, which was just like my extremely handsome friend giving me that advice about dating. I would always say “Don’t you think I tried that?”

I am excited about being one of 10 people chosen to represent Attune Foods, which is a great company. I am excited about promoting a healthy company and being able to blog for their site. I am excited about being active on Twitter Chats, and real excited about the Uncle Sam’s cereal I eat every morning.

I am nervous as well. Nervous I can not generate the traffic that companies are looking for. Nervous that I can keep cranking out quality material. Nervous that being myself is not good enough.

Being nervous is okay. I was nervous at 420 pounds to lose over 200 pounds. I was nervous when I proposed to my wife after being together for four years. I was nervous when my son was born. Being nervous makes you work harder in life.

People ask me to describe myself as a blogger a lot. I give different answers all the time. The other day, I think I gave the best answer……..

” Pretend that I am a break-dancer. I am wearing a red Puma sweatsuit with matching Puma shoes. I am wearing a Kangol hat and I am carrying a piece of cardboard as well. I then walk into a Country Western bar. Everyone sees me, the music stops and people clear the dance floor. I walk onto the dance floor and everyone is staring at me. Girls in cowboy hats and jeans skirts are ready to scream and guys in Wranglers and boots are clinching their fists. I point to the DJ and he starts to play a song. Then I do the most amazing two step anyone in the club has seen. I finish, people cheer, and I walk out.”

Okay, maybe that is a stretch. Most of my writing is.

But if you like my dance, could you let the club owners know 🙂




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