I am really going to make 2012 a great year. No only personally, but really focus more on blogging, social media, and getting my name out.

2011 was not a good year for me. It just was not. Yet, when it comes to blogging, it seems like I make the same mistakes over and over again.

So I am going to tell you all about my top five blogging blunders of 2011 and what I am going to do to fix them this year…..


5. Trimfest– This had all the intentions of being great. Each week I was going to weigh myself on a public scale, video it, and post it on my blog and YouTube. Not only that, but I was going to have some companies sponsor each week and get their name out, do a giveaway, etc.

The first week worked out well. I had Stonyfield offer to do a giveaway. Polar and Anytime Fitness were going to do the same. Then I got bold, and asked some other companies which not only gave me a horrible response, but made me lose confidence in the project.

The worst part was that the company which gave me a poor response did the same with a different PR rep a year back. After that, I lost interest and stopped doing it.

It was a little before my time. I think I will do something like that again, but plan it a little better. I will get more companies lined up, eat their foods as well, and make more of a deal about it.

4. Twitter List Fail-One thing you should know about me is that I hate not being invited to the party. A couple of years back, I could not understand why I was not on a “Inspirational Twitter List”. It bothered me to no end. So when I saw my name on the list this year, I had to make the most of it.

I think people underestimate me in the blogging community. I really do have a lot of people who have my back, which is awesome because I do the same. I worked hard to get votes to be a “Inspirational Tweeter”. I used resources and my own followers to vote for me. Out of 50 people, I placed third. A guy on a mom site placed third.

What I never considered is that all I did was promote another blog. I did not get anything from being on the list. I did not get new followers or inspire others.

That is what lists are. I realized that when Shape made a “inspirational blogger” list as well.Funny thing is….half of the people who were on the list do not blog anymore. They are the “Stock List” bloggers. I am not going to call them out, but they are the ones that do not blog, yet they are on every list from four years ago.

So this year, I will not try to make it on any lists or try to win any popularity contests (I say this now, but…..). In fact, I have some creative lists of my own I am going to put out soon.

3. Comments On/Comments Off– I hate people who are wishy washy, yet that is exactly what I have been. I have dealt with comments on my blog for a couple of years now.

There is no debate, I hate comments on blogs. I always have. I think that after pouring your heart out on a post, there is nothing more absurd than an off the cuff comment.

I do not believe in moderation, I just turn them off. They will not be back up. Trust me, no one misses comments on a blog. This is not 2002, there are other ways to get your opinion out.

2. Dinosaur Blogger- When people say that they have been blogging for a long time, that is not always a good thing. It just means they have blogger for a long time. Sometimes, dinosaurs do not want to change.

When it comes to the whole blogging thing, the game has changed dramatically. It is not just having a blog, it is more about being out there for people. My opinion is that Facebook is totally the way to go.

I do think that Facebook will change blogging. I thought that way two years ago. My friend J wrote a great post about it, and she is absolutely right. I started getting more into Facebook towards the end of the year, but I am going to save my blog for stories and posts, and Twitter and Facebook for everyday life.

1. The Kim Kardashian 72 Day Diet- Even thinking about this makes me cringe. I have always been bad about tracking, so I thought about making a Facebook page where I would post my food and workouts. I named it after Kim Kardashian. I guess that using Jared four years ago was not enough.

So I did. The first day I posted my food, I got three comments. One person said I ate too much, one person said I ate too little and one person sent me a link about how I needed to eat.Then I put up my workout, and one person said I did too much cardio and another gave me a link to Crossfit.

That was enough for me. I am bad at tracking, but I am not going to put out there day in and day out what I eat. It is going to be different than others. I do have some ideas in mind to incorporate this in 2012, but never using a reality stars name.

Although, this hot song came out of it. Not bad!

2012 will be my year for this blogging social media stuff. I think I have aligned with the right people and companies, I think that I give good content on my sites, and I think I have good results.

We shall see.

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