Today when I went to the bathroom at the gym, I noticed gum in the urinal.

I thought about it and realized that might be one of the rudest things someone can do. Who would chew gum and then instead throwing it out would spit it in a urinal? Because of the guard on the urinal it will not flush, so someone has to pick it out and throw it away.

And is that fair? Someone who does not make a lot of money has to go and grab gum out of the urinal. Cleaning the bathroom is bad enough after other people, but now having to pick up gum out of a urinal. Whoever spit that in there has no consideration for other people.

So why am I writing this?

Four years ago I could not use a urinal. I had to go to the bathroom in a handicap stall.

So now I respect the urinal. Others should as well.

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