Everyone loves a success story, right? Well, I am going to tell you about one. Well, maybe it is a little more than that. Maybe it is more about following your dreams and believing in yourself.


Suzi has struggled with weight for quite a while. Most of us have. She has fluctuated up and down for quite some time until she saw herself at 250 pounds in 2008. When you are 100 pounds overweight, you really stop believing that weight loss is possible. Suzi took a chance and joined Weight Watchers…….

I told my wife that this phone call would be life changing. I believed it. After losing over 200 pounds on Weight Watchers this was my time. Then the phone rang. There were two of the main PR people from Weight Watchers corporate on the phone. For ten minutes they were telling my how amazing my transformation was. They have not seen pictures from a guy like that. To go from 420 pounds down to 198 pounds was astounding. Sure, there were others who lost weight, but as they said numerous time…”There was something about me”. They wanted to feature me in a couple of magazine success stories and online. I was so thrilled. The only issue was that I lost weight too quick. I lost 221 pounds in a year, which averages over 4 pounds a week. In order to be features, you must average 1-2 pounds a week. I would have to wait a year to be featured. They told me to be patient and really start toning down my blog with all of the “not being able to wipe myself” talk. It did not sit well with me.

Suzi lost the weight. She lost over 100 pounds. Not only that, her after pictures were amazing. She started to come out of her shell a little more. She talked about her struggles and her enjoyment of beer. She was an average person with no so average results. People related to her, and why not? She was inspiring. She did all of this on Weight Watchers……..

” Well, you need to be around 165 as a male to be a leader. Maybe you could write to corporate.” That did not make sense. I lost over 200 pounds. I was known online as “D86browns” on almost every Weight Watchers board. I would get emails helping others on Weight Watchers. Why could I not be a leader? Why could I not stand up in front of a room and inspire others? I had to lose 35 more pounds to inspire. That was just stupid. Plus, I had other goals. I wanted to build muscle and not be a shell of a 420 pound person. I did not want to write to corporate. I wouldn’t. I refused to be an exception.

Then something amazing and wonderful happened this year. Weight Watchers recognized Suzi. They wanted her to represent the “Believe” campaign. They made her out to be the star she always was. They made someone with very little self confidence into a supermodel. They chose the right person. She is Weight Watchers. She is an inspiration.

It was a hard thing for me to realize. I wanted to believe that Weight Watchers was my life. It wasn’t. It was a diet. A very good diet that helped me lose 200 pounds. So did working out. So did the knowledge of fiber. Weight Watchers always knew that I was not the right person to represent them. You know what…. they were right. I do not believe that it is the best program out there. I do not believe it is a lifestyle. But I also know how it can impact certain people. I know what it can do to build self esteem. I know what it can do for someone who eats 10,000 calories a day to limit their portions.

Suzi is an inspiration to me. She did everything with Weight Watchers that I could not. She is on an incredible path to inspire so many people with her honesty and journey.

And she believes in Weight Watchers. She should. Some people have been giving her a hard time for promoting the Weight Watchers “Believe” campaign and I say shame on them. Shame on anyone who would put down someone who wants to help others, although it might not help you. I support any success story and the way they go about it. I wish more bloggers would as well.

I am not a fan of Weight Watchers, but I am a fan of Suzi. I am a fan of Suzi Storm. That is what she goes by. I think she is what Weight Watchers needs.

One thing about a storm, you can not stop one. You can either be afraid or enjoy the beauty.

I will enjoy the beauty.

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