Dear Workout Woman In Bebe Sport Outfit,

I saw you pacing by the machine thinking I would be the first person off. I was not. Then I saw you working out next to me waiting for me to finish my StairMaster workout. I did not. Finally when you were done, I was still going. Then you asked me “How do you workout for so long on that machine?”……..

In 2006 when I was 420 pounds I could not go up five flights of stairs. It was for a work function and the HR director of my former company told me that it was a shame I could not climb stairs. He told me no one could respect a manager who could not do basic life functions. I do not remember anything else about that work function except for that.

In four years I lost weight. More than that, I got back the respect for myself. I do not worry about small things like I used to.

When I get on that StairMaster, it is personal. I do not do it for six pack abs or to be better than anyone else at the gym, I do it to be better than I was.

I refuse to get off the machine unless I do 250 flights of stairs. By sensing you thought I was going to quit, I went longer. I have been doubted my whole life, I have no problem proving people wrong. I just need to prove myself right.

When you asked me that question, I answered “Google The Anti Jared” which was a weird answer, but I did not know another way. I am hoping you see this. I write better than I speak.

Because I refuse to be the guy who could not do five flights of stairs,


Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski

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