February 24th, 2008 is not a special day for most. It was a Sunday. I could not tell you what the weather was like here in Orlando that day. In fact, I do not remember a whole lot about that day.

The only thing I remember is that was the day I decided to change my life forever.

Funny thing is, I went to the doctor for a physical in January of 2008. He told me that without taking my heart rate medication and cholesterol medication I would probably not live to see 34. He was angry when he spoke to me. He stormed out of the room. In fact, I have never seen a doctor do that. Yet, when I left, I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home.

In December of 2007 I found out that my wife and I would be able to have children. This news was huge. I wanted to lose weight so we were able to. Yet, after hearing the news, I overate for a couple of months.

Earlier in 2007 I saw my wife cry about my weight. it was the only time I ever saw this happen. it broke my heart. I knew I had to do something about my health. Yet, I overate months after the incident.

And then in 2006 at work my boss told me he could not watch me kill myself and walked out of the restaurant that day. It was embarrassing, but I knew he cared about me. I still overate a couple of years after.

There is nothing special about February 24th. I did not see a sign from God or read a motivational quote or get any tough love the day before. I just decided to lose weight. I just had enough, and made a commitment to myself to be successful.

And I was. In 2008 I lost 200 pounds. I started to work out. I gained self- confidence in myself and really got out of my shell.

It did not start January 1st, 2008.

People talk about New Year Resolutions now. What they want to do for the next year and what they want to accomplish. I have written before that I am not a fan of them.

I am wrong though. I think that everyone should have a goal, write it down and really focus on it. Even if you do not want to share it with others, it should be something you can peak at from time to time to motivate yourself.

Funny thing is most people go out for New Years Eve. They drink and eat a little too much and then rest or do nothing on January 1st. Then they are bummed because January 2nd is around, and the year is shot.

Well, it is not. A New Year’s Resolution can be anytime. You can start one now. Most people wait for January 1st because it is a special day.

So is February 24th. It is the day I decided to change my life.

And the day you decided to become better, it is a special day.

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