I want to give an apology to my friend Carla, who was kind enough to link my post today for charity, and it ended up as a bashing session about her motives and character.

I also want to give an apology to Leah for any nasty comment towards her followers. I have grown a bond with many of the Mamavation moms, and I would never want to hurt any of them.

With that being said, I also apologize to myself. Because as a blogger, I have to be as honest as I can, and deal with any repercussions….

Anytime Fitness CEO says money is allergic to fat people

No where in the title of an email does it say I am fat. It does not say I am overweight. In fact, I had to think about it before it made any sense.

It is a poor attempt to say that overweight people make less than skinny people. I wish I could disagree, but when I made $40,000 as a corporate chef at 420 pounds, and my counterpart made $85,000 doing the same job, I am going to have my opinion.

A blogger took the email the wrong way. Out of the hundreds who erased it, one blogger who has power in the community wrote a post about it. She was very unfair in her post. She used words that would enrage readers. She abused her power by saying she would not read the book, and then say “but that is not to say you do not have to read it”. She blasted a company which she knows nothing about, and she should since they helped me come third in a contest on her site by linking me numerous times. In my opinion, someone bullied became a bully.

The worst part about it was she took the word “Fat” and put it out in the weight loss community. It is the sharpest word you can use here. Everyone has an opinion about it. I would say 99% of us have been called fat. If I had a nickle for every time I was fat, I would not have to work. It is a word that still makes no sense, because I know 120 pound women who think they are fat, and 420 pound men who think they are fat. Who is right? It is not that obvious.

Well, as someone who is still considered fat, I disagree with her take. I am doing it on my blog. Not in her comments. I am not one of the bloggers who hide behind DM’s and Emails to tell how I truly feel and then rah rah to the rest of the community. I have nothing to hide. I put it up here.

I think Anytime Fitness did nothing wrong, I think that they are trying to do something good by donating 100% of proceeds for a book to charity, and I think that if you knew some of the members who are thankful that they can go to a gym when it is not crowded and they feel comfortable (like me) you would think differently about them.

Am I biased? Sure, we all have things we care about. We also need to respect them as well. There are certain things bloggers promote that I am not a fan of. Yet, I know they do promotions for them, so I keep quiet. Out of respect.

Carla (Mizfit) was going to link my post today. I thought it would be great to get a conversation going. I asked Anytime Fitness (Hence I asked…I!) to donate per comment, and they said $10 a comment for Limbs For Life….which by the way is a fantastic organization!

The conversation took a weird take. People started to blast Carla and Leah, and that is not fair.

So now I am going to tell you my opinion of the word fat…..

Five years ago I was training as a restaurant manager. While training, I asked an employee to help me with taking out some trash. He gave me a mean look and mumbled “Fat Fuck”. He was talking about me. I was the only 420 pound guy in there. I had sweat on my back and stains on my shirt. I looked at him and told him to get the hell out. He was a little stunned and left.

The next day, the district manager came in to talk to me. He looked at me and said…..

“I am going to write you up. You swore at an employee, and we do not condone that here.”

I had to think about it, and realized I said hell. I was shocked and said…

“Wait a second….he called me a fat fuck!”

The district manager stared at me. He did not say a word. He did not need to. His eyes said “You are a fat fuck”.

I have gotten that look many times in my life. From girls who wanted me to stay away. From loved ones who wonder why I am getting seconds of food. From people who can not believe I got to 420 pounds.

They are worse than any words.

I got written up, and the employee got fired. I never forgot that moment.

Because five years later, I am considered one of the top managers in my region, and both the district manager and the employee were fired.

Fat is a feeling. I feel fat, so I want the lights off during sex. I feel fat so I do not want to do anything. Fat makes you powerless.

Then again, call me fat. I will find every weakness you have. Your messed up face, your knobby knees, your bad breath. Trust me, everyone has weaknesses. As someone who is overweight, mine are more exposed than others.

The “What do you think about the word fat” is a good conversation, yet a silly one. We all hate the word. You know who does not hate the word?

People who are not fat.

But that is not what Anytime Fitness did. They did not call anyone fat. They used the word in a header.

I am all about charity, and honestly, this is a good one. This is also a good conversation.

See, the scale says I am fat. My BMI says I am fat. Sometimes my pants say I am fat.

I will be damned if I say I am fat. Not after losing 200 pounds.

So my comments are open. Do not go to other blogs and blast people. you want to blast anyone, blast me. I have waterproof pillow cases, so the tears are not an issue.

And for every comment, Anytime Fitness will donate $10 towards Limbs For Life. They have helped more people lose weight than I have. So has Leah…and so has Carla by the way.

So here is my question. What is the worst name you have ever been called?

For me, I remember being called “A Fat Piece Of Garbage”.

I said it in the mirror a few years back after witnessing my wife cry because I would not change my life.

Sometimes, the meanest people are ourselves.

I changed my life, and I will never be “fat” again.

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