Recently, I have been talking to companies about blogging and promoting their products.

It has been fun and humbling. I have realized that my blog does not get that many page views compared to others. I have found out that my Klout score is very low, and I should host Twitter parties to get it up. It has been fun though because I love the opportunity to sell myself and my blog.

A lot of companies have not heard of me. So I think I do a good job describing myself….

” My name is Tony otherwise known as The Anti-Jared. Over three years ago, I decided enough is enough and after being at my highest weight of 420 pounds, lost over 200 pounds. I started The Anti-Jared in April of 2008 and it has taken many turns. The best way to describe me is I consider myself a weight loss blogger but not a normal one. I will never forget being over 400 pounds, and I have vivid memories of not being able to fit in a booth and use a urinal. I try to intertwine the past and the present for the future.

My audience is a little varied. I have found that I will never be what most consider a “popular blogger”. I am a little too opinionated and off the wall for that. I have very loyal readers and some people who do not care for me at all. I think that there is very little “in between” with me. I also feel that some people love one of my posts, and will read my to see if I am able to top it.

I am very loyal to certain things, and stand up for what I feel is right, even though the majority might think I am wrong.

My blog is not for everyone. After being so heavy and seeing how people viewed me, I am going to have my own thoughts. But I have been told that I do have a way with words.”

In all fairness, I have had mixed reviews. Some people really got excited talking to me, some not so much.

But last week, I was asked a very weird and simple question. It was at the end of an interview.

“What does the health blogging community think of you? You know….your peers?”

I was silent for about 10 seconds. It was awkward. I really did not know how to answer.

I mean, I could say that the community thinks I am inspirational, right? I hear it enough. I get a lot of emails and comments that tell me they have respect for me and really enjoy what I have to say.

That is on my home court though. Of course people are going to say that on my blog.

Yet, I am not disillusion. There is a good amount of people who are incredibly annoyed by me. Who have rolled their eyes when I put up a post. Who thinks I am an coward for turning off my comments. Who thinks I am a whiner.

I am the same way when it comes to other bloggers. I cringe when a blogger types “It was so hard to press publish.” I think to myself, why don’t you just say “I really really want you to read this. I think it is juicy.”

Or when someone says they are going to “unplug” yet responds to Tweets and reads email from their phone.

When I was asked the question, I just responded “I don’t know”. It was probably not what the PR rep wanted to hear.

I thought about it a lot this weekend.

I have read so many posts from people I love that are boring, yet I know that is not what they think. They are pleasing the masses.

I have heard so many bloggers refer to themselves as “sassy”. I do not even know what that means. Why would they say that?

I have seen sometimes that emotion goes away once the fans come in.

I would never ask what people think of me. It is a silly thing to do here. Of course you are going to like me on my blog. If not, I will moderate your comment.

I just watch. I see different posts about me, and I read the comments. Comments saying I am a jerk and a fraud from people who call me inspiring. It used to bother me. No one wants to be hated.

I wonder if other bloggers feel the same way. If they really think everyone likes them because of the fans or page views they get.

I have a couple more interviews this month with some companies. This is a huge step for me. For someone who never thought they had the chops to promote a product or the courage to ask for money instead of coupons.

I will tell you, when I get asked “What does the health blogging community think of you? You know….your peers?” again, I know my answer….

Honestly, I think more people do not like me than like me. Yet the people who do not like me still read my posts. Honestly, I can not please everyone, and I can not care if I do. Because the day I care if people out here like me, it will be the day I stop blogging.”

And I enjoy blogging. I am good at it.

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