Congrats on being on a DIET for 32 weeks, but I’m sorry to inform you that I don’t believe you are doing Weight Watchers.
In 32 weeks you have STARVED yourself doing a variation of a few plans,and freely admitted this yourself. Your results are BEYOND typical. This is prob why friends/coworkers ask if you had the surgery. I know people who have had GBS who didn’t lose as fast as you.
FYI WW recommends .5-2 pounds a week. For those of us who are extremely obese its 1% of what you weigh that week.
What you have done is put a strain on your heart and other vital organs. Also when you take it off so quickly you have a higher chance of regaining.
Jumping on the WW website and patting your own back, telling people how you have done this on WW, is very misleading.
You aren’t fooling ANYONE but yourself and a few naive posters.
Toot your own horn all you like, but you won’t convince anyone but YOURSELF that you are following the program!

I never did Weight Watchers right. The commenter three years ago was correct.

I was supposed to use my extra points, and I did not. I was supposed to eat right at my daily limit, but with all the fruits and vegetables, I always was short.

So I switched to a different part of Weight Watchers. I did the “Core” program, where you do not count points, just stick to more raw foods.

Yet, I did that wrong. I had points I could use each week and did not. People told me it would not last, and that I was not doing this for the long run.

I did not work out right either. I focused on free weights and cardio, then moved towards more cardio. People told me that I should focus on HIIT workouts. I should not work out for as long as I do. I am doing way too much cardio. I am going to burn myself out.

People still to this day tell me that I am doing things wrong. I do not eat enough. I work out too long. I am not drinking enough water while working out. I am not mixing things up more.

Here is the funny part…..

Where were all of these people when I was 420 pounds telling me I was doing things wrong? Where were they when I was buying food at McDonalds? When I was sitting on the couch doing nothing? When I was coughing blood? When I wanted to die?

That is when I was doing things wrong? That is when I needed the advice or the support. That is when I asked for advice, and I got the same cliche answers that every single weight loss success gives today.That is when I got the stupid “you can do it” responses without knowing anything about me. That is where I got the stupid “Tough Love” that skinny people think is so important.

Newsflash….you do not need to tell me I was fat. I knew.

That is the thing with weight loss. People always want to give advice. People still love to give me advice or criticize how I do things.

I wrote this on my Facebook page yesterday and I think it might be my favorite quote yet.

In weight loss, you are the driver of your health. There will always be back seat drivers telling you that what you are doing is wrong. One in a while, you need to stop the car, turn around and say “STFU and get out of my car”. Best weight loss tip ever.

I know what works for me. I have no idea what works for you.

My blog…my story…is not about what you put in your mouth. It is about why I put things in my mouth. It is about getting out of my comfort zone in life. It is about the why. Why did I let myself go? Why did I not do this earlier? Why?

I am different than most. I have been fat since I was 7. I knew about the proper way to eat since I was 12. I knew great workouts at 22. I also knew 400 pounds at 29.

Knowledge is great, but putting it in motion is essential.

And that was the key for me. Doing instead of reading. Yet, it will not work for many. That is the funny thing about weight loss. What works for you may not work for others.

Overweight people know a lot about weight loss. People never gave me credit, but I know a lot of theories and I have done a lot of diets.

I also lost a lot of weight. Doctors tell me my health is much more improved. That is all I care about. I do not care about being the king of weight loss.

So I have done this wrong. I could have done this differently. There are easier ways.

Well, I never asked for advice on weight loss.

There are a ton of things I know very little about.

Weight loss….I know enough about.

Which is nothing.

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