“I’m curious to know your thoughts on Leah’s post against Anytime Fitness (and yes…I’m potentially stirring the pot).

“Did you read what Leah wrote about your gym?”

“You should totally write something saying how much Anytime Fitness means to you.”

The health blogging community is a very funny place. People want to be perceived as nice and kind. Who does not?

Yet, a lot of bloggers love to stir up the pot, and then walk away. I have dealt with this for over three years now. It is why I have the reputation of being an a**hole. It is why I am called a bully and a narcissist. It is why I will never be that conference going, sponsor happy guy. Because right when I get close, I say what is on my mind.

Today though, I am going to defend myself a little. I am going to defend all the bloggers out there who actually give their opinion.

Mizfit, my friend, wrote a post about drama. She tried to link my post, and it turned out a little different than she expected. I would lie if it did not turn out EXACTLY like I expected it to. Yet, she was incredibly gracious to link my post.

Then everyone started to comment about how they hate drama, and there are posts about hating drama. And I think to myself….

You all are a bunch of fakes.

Yeah. I said it. Facebook fans and Twitter followers do not mean as much as the truth.

So I am going to tell you all about “Drama”.

You see, I got about twelve emails from people about Leah’s post, just like the ones at the beginning of this post. Stirring the pot. Knowing I would have an opinion.

Over half of them were Mamavation moms. One was someone who blasted me and Anytime Fitness in the comments.

Just like the ones at the beginning of this post. I would have never read her post otherwise. People who have read a post of mine know that I defend things I believe in.

So if you hated drama, then why did you send me the link? I never asked for it.

The next day, Mizfit linked my post and asked a question. It got to people blasting Mizfit, writing nasty things on Leah’s blog and me getting more than enough emails about how I needed to spell better. I made a new post, and opened the comments.

So if YOU hated drama, why did you comment?

The worst part is this whole drama debate is where so many people are taking this righteous stance that they hate drama, they can not believe all the drama, and it is absurd that there is a any drama. Yet, they caused it.

Here is my opinion.

There are way to many paper tigers in this community. People who play both sides of the fence on so many different topics. People who write me flattering emails and destroy me in comments.People who are so tough when so many others back up a certain opinion.

The worst is that most of the Drama is caused by you. I am decently popular, but I am no where near a Mizfit or a Leah. How did you all let me become a main player in a “controversy”? PR companies should be emailing me like crazy how I took a ridiculous PR pitch and turned it into something. Now, so many more people know of Anytime Fitness.

Stop saying you hate drama. I do not believe you. My posts this weekend got three times more hits than my compassionate posts.

You love it. If it was a sandwich meat, you would put it on a Flatout and eat it like it was going out of style.

Yet, no one wants to admit it. Why? Most of you cause it. Does it make you sound more genuine here. Do you want to be the voice of reason?

I hate fakeness. I am a lot of things, but I am not fake. People send me emails about what other’s think of me. That I am an attention getter, that I am a creep.

Popeye and I “am what I am” and we like spinach.

There is a trick that bloggers do to get more comments. At the end of their posts, they ask a couple of questions or they ask your opinion. I never do. One time I got an email telling me that I should.

My opinion is what makes my blog. I am fine with people disagreeing with me. I was not for a long time, but after getting blasted for so long and the stupidity of my turning off comments, I know people will not see things the same way I do.

I just wish people would be more real. I wish that people who have influence would actually use it to be real.

It is okay.  I guess all the paper tigers can dance around the spilled milk. I mean, they spilled it, right? So blame everyone else.

Maybe one will have the courage to clean it up.


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