I am not going to lie. Guys will never be as good when it comes to weight loss blogging. Guys will never be as good when it comes to health blogging. In fact, guys will never be as good when it comes to fitness blogging.

That is not a knock on guys. I am one. I knew I was a guy when I was born. Well, maybe other people knew it before me.

For over three years I have wondered what it is that I am missing. I was not allowed to be a member of Blogher (Which is odd because this is the post I submitted). I was ignored by Marie Claire when I wrote my reply to their attack on overweight people ( and I ALMOST cancelled my subscription, but needed the fashion tips). Now, I was passed upon for the Shape awards. In fact, I do not think a guy was nominated.

Do not get me wrong, I have tried to be more like other weight loss bloggers….

There was my “Daily Stage” where I talked about each and every day of my life…

Hiiiii!!!! How is everyone today!!!!! So I woke up and my dog sh*t all over the floor! YAY! Then, my son took his Pringles, threw them at me and wanted to give me a high five. WHAT FUN!!!! After that, I was in a rush, so I left my organic nuts at home. HOLLA!!!

Do not forget about my Chobani giveaway!

There was my “tracking” stage where I would talk about what I ate….

I just ate an apple. It was a medium apple. Wait, maybe it was a large apple. No, it was a medium. No, it was a large. Where is the tape measure? I have two bites out of it, but I think it was a medium. It was not a small apple, I know that. I swear it was a medium. Can I still measure it with a couple of bites out?

There was my “EMO” stage where everything was depressing and meant something….

When I went outside my neighbor said hi. I knew today would suck.

There was my “like me on every social network” phase….

Actually…I am still in that phase.

I have gone threw a lot of phases in blogging. I have turned my comments off and on 400 times. I have been happy, sad, angry and thrilled.

Do not get me wrong. I am not upset that I will not be as good as a female weight loss blogger. The frustrating thing is that my blog would not work for Men’s Health or another mens health magazine.

Because instead of telling you about some hardcore workout, I would rather tell you that during my workout, my Pandora decided to play Michael Buble’s “Home” and I started to cry. Luckily, I was full of sweat, so no one noticed. Why would Pandora play that song? How did Pandora know I needed to cry during a workout? Right after, Pandora knew I needed Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”.

My style is different. I am not consistent. I want to shock people. I want to inspire. I want to make people think.

Most people who do not like me know exactly why. I have upset them with a post.

Most people who love me know exactly why. I have made them happy with a post.

My blog is full of lurkers. When I talk to someone in the weight loss blogging community, I am shocked that they have read one of my posts. Very few people let me know.

Blogging has helped me though. It has shown  me how selfish I have been through a food addiction. It showed me how I can push myself harder than I ever thought I could. It has shown me that talent can be hidden in a self hatred state.

There is a song by T.I. called “Live Your Life”. I heard it today and I realized that my life is not much different now than in 2008. I still have a loving wife, good job, and wonderful people who support me.

I am different. I am the deal breaker.

So Shape, I get it. No sarcasm at all. I get it Blogher. I get it. Guys will not be s good as women.

I will tell you, out of the 2000 people who follow me on Facebook, 91% are women.

Out of the 19,000 people who follow me on Twitter, 84% are women (and robots).

The most wonderful emails I get are from women about how a post inspired or helped them. Even the most negative comments I get are from women.

I would have loved to be in your contest.

Deep down, I know the ladies love me.


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