Purchasing a HRM was one the of the best things I have done for working out.

It started a couple of years ago when I wanted to get a Bodybugg. I really wanted to see how many calories I burned each day, which workouts were the best, and when is the most optimal time to eat.

Well, Bodybuggs at the time were over $300. I did not have $300. Then a friend told me I could get the same calorie information from a Heart Rate Monitor.

So I went to Sports Authority and bought a Polar FT4. It was less than half the price of a Bodybugg. While working out, I got to see that I would burn more calories on certain machines. How some activities at home burned more calories than others.

I was so happy, I wrote to Polar corporate, and was introduced to Chris, who represents Polar. My story was a little different than most, because, well…….

When you think of HRM, you think of a runner. You think of a triathlete. You think of a spunky girl in spandex doing aerobic classes……

You do not think of a guy who hates running, loves hoodies and lost 200 pounds.

I will tell you, I recommend a HRM for anyone who goes to the gym. I am not just saying that, it makes things more real. We all look at the calories burned on the cardio machines and wonder if we really did burn those calories. When something is strapped to you, it makes you feel like you earned the calories burned.

Plus, it pushes me. I want to burn 1000 calories a workout. Looking down at my watch makes me go a little faster.

There are other reasons as well to get a HRM. This video explains it better than I ever could. And I have had very good luck with Polar, but that is not to put down other brands. In fact, I know some die hard Timex and Garmin HRM lovers out there. I am more of a HRM fan!


So I am lucky enough to be able to give away one Polar FT4 this week! This is a fantastic HRM and they also have some new colors (Like shown in the pictures!) Leave a comment on this post, and one person will be chosen at random on Sunday October 30,2011. Usually, I would ask you to say why you would like a HRM in your comment, but actually, I am curious as to how much weight you have lost so far.

I can only pick one winner, but you can shop around for a great Polar HRM here. And let me know if there is one you really want, because I can try to maybe get you a few bucks off.

You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page. It will not count, but it will make me feel good about myself.

Good luck to all!


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