The first rule of Bite Club is….you do not talk about Bite Club. The second rule of Bite Club is… do not talk about Bite Club.”

– Brad “Peach” Pitt

My name here is The Anti-Jared. Some people on here know my real name. I have put it up on a few posts. A majority have no idea, which is a good thing. They think it is Jared or something like that, and although it used to bother me, it has become a blessing in disguise.

I have a normal life. A wife, son, dog and a couple of cats. I have a normal job. I am a restaurant manager. Not one in a fancy restaurant, but a casual dining one that 99% of you have eaten in before in your life. I workout in a gym everyday where I look like I have about 15-20 pounds to lose. People in my gym have amazing bodies. Mos of us strive to look like them.

Yet, I am a member in “Bite Club”. If you are reading this post, I am sure you are a member of “Bite Club” as well. When people see me, they do not know I lost 200 pounds. They do not know how hard I work out every day. They do not know the struggles I fight with when it comes to food. How food has run my life for so long. How I still fight to this day, although most days I win.

They probably never will.

I did not invent “Bite Club”. I found weight loss blogging through the Internet. I am not the leader of ” Bite Club”. There are far too many people in it.

I read many blogs. Some I could not relate to, others I could. It helped me realize that I am more normal than I thought. “Bite Club” has helped me.

Do not get me wrong, I can fake it with the best of them. When I see some 2000 calorie burger at Denny’s, I yell out loud “That is gross!!!!”

Yet, deep down, I am thinking “DEEEELICIOUS!!!”

When doughnuts are brought out in the office, I can have only one.

That is, one in front of others and six behind closed doors.

Being an addict of anything makes you feel useless. Why can I not stop? Why can other people take leftovers home? I know that a Quarter Pounder is unhealthy, but why do I have to eat four of them?

Control however makes you feel powerful.

That is why there is “Bite Club”. To cheer people on when they lose a pound, when maybe their husband would roll his eyes. To give a WOOT to someone who went to work out, when trainers would just laugh. Because small victories turn into large ones. Where 48 seconds on the treadmill turns into two hours at the gym seven days a week. Where a six pound loss one week turns into losing over 200 pounds.

Maybe this is the first weight loss blog you have read. Trust me, there are thousands more. There are doctors and lawyers in the “Bite Club”. There are unemployed men and women in the “Bite Club”. There are people winning and fighting every day in the “Bite Club”. There are a lot of people here. Many more than you think. People who are successful, except that one thing that is holding them back…….

As for me, I do not talk about “Bite Club” in real life. I talk about fantasy football. I talk about work. I talk about every day things. I do not talk about my struggles. That is for the thousands of people online. My picture is on the web, but if you see me and say “Hey, are you The Anti-Jared?” I probably will not answer you. I do not talk about “Bite Club”.

Just know, when you are struggling and feel like you re the only one with issues……..remember one thing……..there are thousands of people in “Bite Club”…..

And I follow the first two rules.

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