” Do you watch or like The Biggest Loser?”

It was a weird question. I knew there was more to it than my opinion on the show.

There is something about weight loss reality shows that kind of makes me sad. Do not get me wrong, I love a good success story. I love seeing before and current pictures of people and the confidence they possess after losing weight that they never thought would be possible. I could spend hours upon hours reading stories of people losing weight and the different ways they have done it.

When I was over 400 pounds, my wife wanted me to watch The Biggest Loser.The show inspired her. It inspires most people. The tears, the music played at the right time, the slow motion high fives after a great workout.

I did watch a couple of episodes. It made me angry. I was jealous. Why could I live at a ranch to lose weight? Why couldn’t I have a trainer like Jillian to help me? Why couldn’t I have a chance to win a six figure prize.

Instead of wanting to lose weight, I was more consumed about being on the show. In 2006 they had an audition in Orlando. I took off work and was going to audition for the show.

But I did not. At 420 pounds and a real good knack for putting on a show in front of others, I would have made it. I am pretty confident about that. I would have been working out hard, I would have lost over 200 pounds, and I would have inspired a nation with my dramatic weight loss.

Where would I be today I wonder? Would I be over 400 pounds reliving my days as a Biggest Loser winner? Would I be on Oprah talking about how hard it was to keep the weight off? I would not have kept off the weight. I would have lost weight fast, I would have hated working out because I needed to, and I would be resentful.

Honestly, that is my point of view, but not others. Jillian might have saved my life. There are so many people who have lost weight because of The Biggest Loser success stories. The show does more good than harm. I have read the horror stories about the show, yet I can not honestly say it is damaging.

It just did not save my life.

I did though. Two years later in 2008 I started a journey that has been wonderful. I lost over 200 pounds on the way. I have found a true love for working out. I have struggled with food and portions, yet I am still a success story. A success story that is far from over.

It is funny. Today I watched a Weight Watchers commercial geared for men. Two years ago, I would have done anything to be on that commercial. I looked at these guys, and realized that they are not me. In fact, I have never seen guys like these in any Weight Watchers meeting or forum.

My good friend Ryan wrote a really good post about social media and how people abuse it. I agree with most of it, except for one major thing….

Social Media gives people like me a chance. A chance to get my story out there. A chance to promote myself like no other. A chance to be the squeaky tire in weight loss blogging.

Do not get me wrong, I know how annoying excessive status updates. Yet, if I did not talk about 24 hour gyms on my Facebook page, Anytime Fitness would have never found me. I have been blogging for them for over a year. They has really promoted my work.

Klout makes no sense, yet it is a wonderful feeling to “give Klout” to someone who never gets it. To help them lift their score up in the game of popularity.

And as a male blogger, if I did not put the wonderful hashtag #mamavation on my tweets, I would not have been asked the question “Do you watch or like The Biggest Loser?” That is what I was asked last week, and although my answer was a little wishy washy, I am going to be participation in “The Brita Celebration During The Biggest Loser”. I know nothing about the show, but I do like water and I did lose a lot of weight. That must mean something, right?

It also shows that being cynical about things still has its place in my life, but I also have to be more open. I have to believe in myself a little more. I know there are different ways to lose weight, but dedication is needed to succeed.

Funny, over five years ago, I prayed to be trained by someone like Jillian Michaels.

Now, I am happy to have the moves like Jillian.


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