” You are only eating 1500 calories a day? You should probably eat more.”
” You should go workout more.”
“Really, you do not eat salads. You never eat them?”

These are things I am sure Sean heard everyday for the past three years. Sean did not ignore the questions. He was confident in himself for the first time in his life. He know what he had to do.

Sean came up with a plan that worked for him. It was not a fancy plan. Write down everything, keep to a strict calorie budget, work out when possible, and blog about it each day. Sean did not reinvent the wheel…….

Yet, Sean lost an amazing 275 pounds.

Sean Anderson…..such a common name. There is nothing common about Sean. Nothing at all.

I have read Sean’s blog for a good while now. Recently, he has been promoting a book called “Transformation Road”  that is coming out later this year (The site is under construction but there is a read cool video there with Sean).. I sent him an email telling him that whatever I could do to promote his book to just let me know.

Within two seconds he sent me an early copy to review. This made me a little nervous, yet honored. If you have not read his blog before, his posts are extremely long. Very well written, but long. I think each of his posts has about 300,000 words in it.

When I started to read “Transformation Road” I could not stop. I finished it in a couple of days. All thirty plus chapters of it. There were so many times I laughed….and a couple of times I cried.

Sean’s life is completely different than mine, yet I saw so much of him in me. From the way he tried to make people like him to the eating binges. From the many times he “thought” about losing weight to the excuse that he did not have time for himself. He even talked about a part of my obese life that I do not like talking about(wetting the bed).

He wanted to be a success. Weight loss and inspiring people to be the best they could be was not in the cards yet.

Sean has a voice that is built for radio. He has a presence on stage that is bound to make people laugh. That was how he would be successful in his mind.

Yet, though it all, he self destructed so many times. He neglected his family. He neglected himself. In some way while reading the book I wondered “Why are you trying so hard for people to laugh. Do you not see the love in front of you?”

Sean did not. He took it out on food. Tons of food. From country gravy to Haggen Dazs ice cream. People around him always tried to help him. You learn very quickly that in life, you can not reason with an addict. Sean is a food addict.

Yet, Sean Anderson, the radio personality and comedian, finally got the last laugh. At 505 pounds, his wife Irene threatened to leave. She has done this numerous times, but this time something clicked. Sean came up with a simple plan for life that worked for him. And it did.

More than that, Sean found out the person he truly is. He still lost people around him, but he found himself. He found that making people laugh at his expense was not as important has helping people with weight issues at his expense. He transformed.

Sean decided to write a book about his life, and I am glad he did.

This book is amazing. It could possibly be one of the most helpful books for weight loss. It does not say you have to lose weight like this or give you a detailed explanation of how he did it. It gives you the “Why’s” of Sean’s life. It is amazing that Sean is a success story for weight loss when years before, he wanted to be a success story for other things.

If you are not following Sean’s blog, you should do so. He also has a Facebook and Twitter account. I have spoken to him a couple of times over the phone, and it is pretty cool how two people, who are completely different, are also the same.

Sean’s book also made me realize things in myself I never saw. I told him I finally understood why people write me emails thanking me for talking about parts of my life. Before this, I did not understand.

Sean asked me to write a little blurb to promote his book. I could only think of one thing…….

“My name is Tony and I lost over 200 pounds. If I read “Transformation Road” three years ago, I would have lost 200 pounds. Just in a different way”.

Great book Sean. Be proud!


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