If you follow me on Facebook, you have seen me put up pictures of my Heart Rate Monitor showing how many calories I burn during a workout.

I got my Polar HRM a couple of years ago. I really wanted a BodyBugg, but at the time did not want to spend $300. Someone told me that a heart rate monitor would do the same.

So I went to a sports store and picked up a Polar HRM.

The amazing thing about it is that it is very accurate. If you put in all of your information (right into the watch) it tells you your heart rate, what zone you are in, and how many calories you burn.

Now, I will be honest. For a very long time, I would associate a HRM with a runner or hardcore athlete. I do not believe that is the case because I am neither. I am a weight loss blogger.

My workouts have seen the benefits though. I switch up my cardio workouts a lot. I used to do the elliptical all the time, but then I switched to spinning. I then switched from spinning to the StairMaster. My workouts have been much better, as you can see I burned over 1400 calories in two hours. No lie, I was a touch sweaty after that.

Polar has been very good to me and the weight loss community as well. They have supported me and my blog since I wrote them a letter a while back telling them about how wonderful their product is. Because I do love the product so much, I became a Polar Ambassador. I am not sure what that means except I can get you a discount on Polar HRM’s and I get a lot of emails.



I probably can not explain it as well as Polar can. Here is a video talking about why it is a good thing to use a HRM.


Here is a video about Polar and one of my favorite blogger’s Jen. Her story is amazing and shows how she went from being 100 pounds overweight to becoming an inspiration to many. Plus, she is a nominee for The Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps.*

* As you might have seen, I have been pushing votes for me on this as well. I realized that I can maybe get in the top three, I can get my story out to more people. You do not have to be on Twitter to vote, there is no spam, and it takes a couple of seconds. You can vote for up to ten people!


And here is a video of me losing 200 pounds to porno music. This does not have anything to do with the post, but thought I would throw it in.

Now, I recommend getting a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for working out, seeing how many calories you burn, etc. There are a ton of brands, and I hear that Garmin, Timex, Sportsline and Casio all make very good ones. Polar has been good to me, so my loyalty stays with them.

They have also been nice enough to do a giveaway. I am giving away one Polar FT7. All you need to do is leave a comment below, and make sure your email address is attached. One entry per person. Any comment will do. One person will be picked at random on Thursday PM.

If you do not win, and are interested in a HRM, let me know. I can talk to Chris (My awesome awesome friend at Polar) and see about getting you a great discount!

Oh, and please vote for me here. Sorry, had to throw that in.

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