“I’m tired of good people getting ripped off by diet products that don’t work!”
– Bob Harper

This is sad to me. Read sad actually. I realize that everyone needs to make a living and that products and endorsements are hard to come by.

Bob Harper is famous because of overweight people. He helped people on The Biggest Loser achieve their weight loss goals. He was the nicer trainer. Jillian was the tough one, and Bob was the understanding one. He knows how hard it is to lose weight. He knows how hard you have to work. Right?

He is on Twitter giving motivational quotes all day. He wrote a comment about Maura Kelly’s “Should Fatties Get A Room” saying how awful it was. He is in FITNESS magazine and he also does so many little pieces in Diets in Review. Hell, he was at Blogher. BLOGHER!!!!

Yet, he could care less about the weight loss community. The one that put him in the place where he is today. The place where he is a top trainer in a land of millions of trainers. He could care less….because now he has a diet pill.

But maybe this one works. I mean, it is all natural. By the way, what diet pill is not all natural? This was has been tested in a clinical study. Which diet pill has not? But his pill will work. And the reason it will sell…the only reason….is because his face is on it.

He did not meet me when I was nine. When I stole Dexatrim from my mom. Only to realize that it did not work for me.

Or maybe he should have met me when I took Ripped Fuel. After I lost 20 pounds¬† gained back 50. Oh, you can lose weight on pills. Trust me…I have.

How about the guy who took Trimspa. I lost 30 pounds on that pill. Of course I gained it back.

Maybe Stacker 2. I lost 80 pounds on that! 80 pounds! People would dream of losing 80 pounds.

Maybe I should talk about the time after I took Stacker 2. When I gained all of the weight back and then some. When I was over 400 pounds at the doctors office. My heart rate was 200 over something. They would not let me leave until my heart rate would go down. They gave me some sort of pill so lower it. My doctor came in and told me I was a walking time bomb. Funny…I never met a doctor like I see on the diet pill commercials. They always tell me to watch my portions. Maybe I dreamed of a pill that would work.

None of them did. Maybe for the short time. But what people do not talk about is the abuse of diet pills. When you are not getting the results from one pill, you take two. Or three. Or more.

You can call caffeine anything you want. I would rather have a cup of coffee that chemicals that promise a dream.

Overweight people admire Bob Harper. I do not.

But maybe his pill is different?

Maybe. It is a shame Bob is not. It is a shame he wants money that bad. Hell, you could not have been a spokesperson for a gym? A weight loss plan? Anything else.

It is things like this that makes me look at myself. Maybe I should get a personal training license? Maybe I should work in the weight loss world? I do not know the best plan, but I truly know what does not work. And in the long run, diet pills…any diet pills…do not work.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a pretty neat offer from a “diet type”¬† company who loved my before and after pictures. I declined it. I can not do that to the people who read my blog. I can not do that to people who Google “200 pounds lost”. I can not do that to the people who made me who I am today.

I am not different. I just know diet pills do not work.

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