Everyone has their “Weight loss secret”. I love that term. I see it all the time when I look at magazines. I see it on ads on the internet. People use it as a teaser.

You want to know how I lost weight? Well, I have ONE WEIGHT LOSS SECRET!!!!!

I was thinking about my weight loss secret. Why was I successful this time? Why am I still fighting today when I have given up so many times before?

Then it came to me. My one weight loss secret……..

“The House Always Wins”

Are you one of the ones who gets excited when you lose weight after doing everything wrong all week. It will happen……

I used to do it all the time. I would eat horrible food, then cut down eating later in the week, then stop eating at 3pm before a weigh in, and miraculously lose two pounds that week.

When that happened to me, I got cocky. Weight loss got easy. I would think to myself “If I did everything wrong this week, then next week will be easy”.

Funny thing was, it did not happen the week after for me.

The house always wins.

There is a reason that the diet industry is a billion dollar industry. That there are millions of diets and gimmicks out there.

Because it is not that easy. Yet, we want it to be. They tell us it is.

But maybe it is? Maybe we know a little more than we give ourselves credit for……

See, I know what “the right way” is for me. I know that eating natural foods instead of processed foods is the way for life long success. Maybe not for you. Maybe you can have a cheat day. Maybe portion control is the way to success for you. Maybe tracking everything is how you lose weight.

We all want to be normal. We all do not want to look at a cake like kryptonite. No one loves to work out for two hours a day. We learn to love it. It is necessary for some of us. It is necessary for me.

I learned that scales do not lie…..they just do not tell the whole truth. A pound of salad weighs as much as a pound of cake. The only difference is how your body processes it.

For me, I really try to make the best decisions possible. I am not perfect. Yet, I can not keep on saying that. I have to try. Because if I do not try…well, then I have failed.

I thought about my weight loss secret because I see so many people get frustrated with the scale….just like I do. I see people who make good decisions who quit because they gained .4 pounds the next day. Do not get so frustrated. In the end, it will pay out.

So I know the house always wins. That is why Vegas is as beautiful as it is.

And that is why I am done gambling with my life.


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