I am pretty tough on myself, so sometimes it is good for me to look at some accomplishments I have achieved.

Believe it or not, I have kept off over 100 pounds for over three years now. On June 18, 2008 I received my 100 pound lost certificate from Weight Watchers.

I remember going into the weigh in that day and knowing I lost 100 pounds so far. I lost it quick, close to three months. I was incredibly diligent in tracking points and activities. In fact, by that time, I switched over to their “Core” program, which is kind of the way I eat today (focusing more on fruits, vegetables and lean meats).

My leader (the person who ran the Weight Watchers meeting) asked me if I would talk to the group about losing 100 pounds. I told her I really did not want to.

Yet, at the end of the meeting, she asked me to get up and talk a little about my success. I felt uncomfortable, but ended up doing it. So I stood up and told people about my success so far.

Here was the weird thing. While I was telling people the same things I have said numerous times on my blog, I got angry. I looked round the room and noticed that there was not one member who weighed over 250 pounds. There was not one guy in the room. In fact, I swear there was a woman who just joined that looked like Kate Moss.

I was 320 pounds and I was telling people about my success. Chris Farley was morbidly obese at 297 pounds. Jackie Gleason’s highest weight was not over 300 pounds. Fatty Arbuckle was not over 300 pounds, and he has Fatty in his name. John Goodman was around 300 pounds, and he is six foot three. There I was…five foot six and 320 pounds. Why do people care what I have to say?

While I was telling people about how I worked out for one to two hours a day and how I just eliminated most processed foods from my diet, I wondered why people were listening to me. I was wearing a 3xl shirt. I was proud of that shirt. I could actually buy a XXXL shirt at Wal-Mart. Well, not the most stylish one, but I could get one. My pants were a 54 waist size. I finally could shop at the Big and Tall department at Dillard’s instead of Casual Male XL. They started at 54 at that time.

I spoke to the group with confidence. One person asked me if my wife forced me to become a member. I just remembered my wife asking me if joining would be a good idea? I mean, a guy at Weight Watchers???

I was still larger than anyone in that room. I lost weight in a ridiculous short amount of time. Maybe people saw something in me that I never did. Maybe they saw someone who would defeat the odds.

But maybe they saw someone who lost 100 pounds. Someone who was taking his life back. Someone who said “no” to food so he could yell “YES” when putting on a seat belt.

When I was done talking I sat down. The meeting ended and I left.

I start a lot of blogs by saying I am an average guy or that I am not that special, but maybe I am wrong. I am special. We all are.

Not because of  weight loss, but maybe by telling my story the way I have to motivate people. People have issues. How do they handle it? When people tell you “Man, just STOP EATING!!!” maybe they have a poor relationship with their spouse when you have a good one. Maybe you are great with money when they are not. Food is easy to some, just like so many other things are hard for others.

But food has held me back for a long time. Because I have not been able to control what I eat, it has made me feel like I can not control anything. That is not true. I can.

For a long time I wondered why people were inspired by a 320 pound man at a Weight Watchers meeting.

Maybe it is because he said he was going to do something and fought like hell to get results.

I will be blogging a little more now. If you have not read my Anytime Health post, please do, it is one of my favorites.

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