I have read thousands of weight loss blog posts over the years. Yet, the one that stands out the most is not because of the content but for the title.

It was called “No One Cares About Your Weight Loss”. I remember it was written by someone I respect about another person I respect. I do not really remember the content that much. I think it was about eating pie if I am not mistaken.

I remember seeing the title and thinking the post was about me. In fact, I bet some of you read the title and thought the same thing.

I will say that “No One Cares About Your Weight Loss” not only is the worst title of all time…but it is false and untrue.

Because I care about your weight loss. I do not show it with comments and “WOOT” tweets. In fact, you would never know that I care. But I do.

I care that the scale is not moving for you every week. I care that it is a struggle for you to eat at a buffet. I care that you dragged yourself out of bed to get a twenty minute workout. I care that you finally got into those size 12 jeans. I care that after months of being silent you decided to start blogging again. I care that you had the courage to wear a bathing suit in front of others. I care that you did Zumba for the first time. I care that you feel like a “rockstar”.I care that you love this community because they give you the support your family members should. I care that you are giving away products. I care that you finally have 100 Facebook followers.

You might be wondering why do I care?

I care…..because you care about your weight loss. Just like I care about my weight loss.

I care about getting up at 3:45 am. I care about eating fruits and vegetables. I care about not being 420 pounds again. I care about working out as much as I can. I care about putting my feelings in a blog. I care about promoting products and companies I enjoy. I care about wearing a hoodie in 100 degree Orlando weather. I care about talking about how much I love my wife. I care about my son. I care about asking a Facebook question as much as I can. I care about my journey. I care about my weight loss.

I realized that I have had three years of success in weight loss. Yet, I will not forget the over 30 years of failure. When most people think you are whining or weak or can not motivate yourself, let them know that they do not remember. They do not remember the tears when they looked in the mirror during a rough patch. They do not remember the pain of skipping a workout when they promised themselves over and over again they would go.

By not forgetting makes me work even harder to never let it happen again. Trust me, I struggle. Hell….we all struggle. You know who does not struggle in weight loss?

People who do not have a weight issue.

But we do, which is why we are weight loss bloggers, right? So trust me, someone cares about your weight loss. I really hope that the person that cares the most is you.

Because I care about my weight loss. And no one called me an inspiration until I truly believed I was one.

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