I am on vacation this week with nothing planned, so it is a real vacation!

I was planning on blogging earlier today, but I started to clean and organize. I really go into it. My son even helped out by dumping all of his toys on the floor and chasing the dog with a broom.

I actually never explained this picture, which is my 420 pound picture. I was the chef at an Italian restaurant. I could not find chef clothes in my size, so I had to wear kinda normal clothes that I purchased from the Casual Male XL. We were getting ready for a huge visit from the VP of Operations, and I cleaned. The picture was taken because my boss wanted to prove to people that I got out of the office. Plus, he wanted to know how I was going to get up. It was a huge goof. See all of the cleaning supplies by my head.

I look at this picture every now and then. I realize that no matter what happens in life, I am not that person anymore.

So today I cleaned. I climbed a ladder that I was not able to in the past. I dusted behind chairs that I could not have before. What used to take me a couple of hours took me 30 minutes today. Plus, I was still able to work out since I woke up at 4am.

I know that my blog has been a little vague as of late, but there is more coming soon.

I will tell you one thing. I did something this year that I have not done in a while. I made a New Year’s resolution.

Not sure if it will happen this year or next, but it will happen.

On a sheet of paper I wrote “I want to be a success…not a success story.”

There is a lot more coming soon.

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