I used to believe that there was a correlation between blogging and weight loss. The more that you blog about weight loss, the better you are at losing weight. Once you stop blogging, you will gain back the weight.

I realized that I am not like that. I barely blogged when I lost my first 180 pounds. I blogged the most after losing over 200 pounds, and then just recently I have slowed down on blogging.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been getting up at 3:45am for workouts. I have six alarms set on my phone and my dog will not stop barking after the first alarm. I wake up early just in case things happen during the day. It is a good feeling to have a workout done before most people wake up.

The one thing I noticed at the gym is what is on the television at 4am. Infomercials galore. All about weight loss or products that make you look slimmer. There is your Beachbody products, the Total Gym, Sensa, and some new Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson (HUBBA HUBBA!).

There is also this Six Week Body Makeover one. That one I have seen the most. I always see a woman who is wearing a slim outfit saying that she eats what she wants, works out less, and does not have to count anything.

Sometimes when I watch things like that, I think that maybe I am the dumb one. I hear about people who “changed their life” and “lose weight” without eating salads or working out. They look “completely” different in 30 days. They say it is so easy.

I watch things like that and wonder why that never worked for me. Why smaller portions of processed foods only worked for a short time? Why diet pills which have been around forever have just put my heart at risk? Why do I work out for a couple of hours when some people can just do a 8 minute workout.

Maybe in a way I wish I could believe the infomercials. Maybe I wish they worked.

Then I realized that I was the only one at the gym. Most people are not at the gym that early. They are sleeping. Do you have to go to the gym early….no.

Do I ….yes.

My journey is different than most. Yet, it is exactly the same. Everyone loses weight differently, but most know the great feeling of success.

Most people do not want to change the way they eat. Most people talk more than they do*.

*Results Not Typical

I am the dumb one. I could have made so much money going on The Biggest Loser, or losing weight by only eating three Snickers a day. I could have been a gimmick.

I am not though. I know the power food has. I know what a “just this once” really means. I know what holidays truly can do.

When I left the gym, I saw Tony Horton on tv. He looked right at me and said ” I know you can do this!”

Tony Horton does not know me, nor will he ever. He does not know I can do this. The guy in the mirror does.

About two weeks ago, I began my trimming phase. No hoopla, no contests. No major blog posts or “Exciting News Coming” titles.

I cut back and started to track all of my food.

I also made a personal challenge for myself to burn 30,000 calories through workouts in May. Again, no contests or participants. Just me and my Polar HRM. So far, I have burned 9672 calories.

I realized talk is cheap. I am tired of saying how many times I am going to do this. I am sick of trying to get my videos sponsored.

Actions speak louder than words.

And I am okay being the dumb one.



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